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Get an in-depth look at the future of Flutter, the popular free and open-source UI software development kit. Learn about the potential of this technology in 2024 and beyond.

iOS and Android possess almost the same codebase with similar user interface views and user experiences. It was the sole reason that the tech giant Google came up with Future of Flutter, one of the best Cross-platform app development frameworks to date.

You are kind of aware of this amazing framework. It is none other than the world-famous Flutter. One of the best features of Flutter is that anyone with basic knowledge can learn it. And that is because of the Dart programming language, which is optimized for fast apps on any platform.

Flutter is now growing at a rapid and steady pace. Most developers have shifted from single-platform to cross-platform app development frameworks.

It allowed Flutter to be a strong competitor for other SDKs/frameworks globally and has sparked a new life and vision for cross-platform mobile app development technology. Because of this shift, Flutter now has a strong presence in the international market. The other great thing about Flutter is that it is an open-source SDK.

It seems either everyone is talking about apps using these particular technologies or comparing Flutter with React Native (one of the strongest competitors of Flutter). It is easy to guess since they both are a bit exotic for most software developers.

Several startups and SMMEs have provided innovative and robust digital solutions using Flutter. And brands such as Google Ads, Hookle, Tencent, etc., have exclusively used Flutter SDK to accelerate their business. Also, all over the globe, mobile app development company is continuously leaning towards unprecedented trends for mobile app development, from scripts, codes, and app development platforms to integration, development methods, and ways to deploy a completed project. These trends are going through an unforeseen transformation.

Keep reading; you will explore why there is a future with Flutter as a framework for any mobile app development company.

Why is there a Future with Flutter? Because

  • Flutter uses the same code across platforms. Be it iOS, Android, or any other Linux kernel OS.
  • Flutter's documentation is clear, simple, and easy to understand.
  • Flutter offers out of the box and impressive widgets.
  • Being an open-source SDK backed by Google, it has a huge community worldwide. It helps make the development process and problem-solving very fast.
  • Flutter is equipped with a hot reload feature, making it easy for designers and developers to see the changes instantly and make necessary improvements.
  • Flutter's compatibility is excellent with different operating systems

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How Flutter is Helpful for Startups and SMEs

The very basic principle of any Startup around the globe is to adapt to ever- evolving tech environments and provide innovative digital solutions. Besides that, startups are keen to experiment with what works and doesn't very quickly. And almost the same goes for SMMEs.

Thus, there are a few key takeaways for SMMEs and Startups while incorporating Flutter:

  • Since the launch of Flutter, developers from startups around the globe have provided robust solutions using Flutter that became the benchmark for others. All of these occurrences made Flutter popular in a concise period.
  • SMMEs, startups, and big corporations like Alibaba and eBay also implemented solutions based on cross-platform technology like Flutter. It reflects that its convenience is beyond any doubt.
  • Developing cross-platform applications like Flutter allows software developers to introduce quick changes and updates within seconds. Also, Flutter has a stunning UI and is way better than Android Studio or Visual Studio.
  • The thing that makes Flutter a king among other IDEs is its ability to connect with other IDEs all over the globe. Hence, it becomes easy for any development team to save time and resources to achieve similar results.

Hence, why not try?

Key Features of Flutter During Mobile Application Development

Key Features of Flutter During Mobile Application Development

Apps made on Flutter are now widely known for minimal coding since Flutter comes with Hot Reload. This feature particularly applies to developers busy with bug fixing or trying out a new design. Flutter is an amazing feature that allows you to make necessary changes visible in real-time.

Performance-wise, too, Flutter ranks way better than its native apps. Flutter uses Dart and helps the developers create a top-notch user experience.

Flutter is excellent while working with Android and iOS platforms. This one-time coding feature prevents you from maintaining two files for the same result. In other words, write and compile a single code and use it to create high-performance and incredible apps for both iOS and Android in no time.

Below are the features that make Flutter a total gamechanger:

1. Speedy Cross-Platform app development


Flutter's increasing popularity has many reasons. The best one is to offer the fastest results. Software developers can debug and test codes quickly. Meeting scheduled deadlines, cutting down costs involved, and other resources and efforts in app development are pretty much less with Flutter.

2. Flawless Firebase Integration and amazing 2D Glare

Firebase is a world-famous BaaS (Backend-as-a-Service) web and mobile application development platform. Similar to Flutter, it was also developed solely by Google. While creating Flutter, the tech giant Google took special care and made Firebase integrable and compatible with the Flutter SDK. Consequently, services like data and web analytics, crash and bug reporting, and database management became much easier for developers. If you're looking for a platform to help you create interactive animations. It is the best choice for you. Flutter has a 2D Flare, perfect for interactive, animated apps, cool UIs, and games. A master developer with advanced Flutter knowledge can easily create incredible apps and solve many existing problems.

3. Uncountable Open-source Packages

As mentioned earlier, Flutter is an open-source project backed by a dedicated worldwide community of developers ready to answer any query quickly. It has several open-source packages that are freely available. As a result, developers can choose which package or library to use without compromising any crucial functionality. A few best and free packages include Frideos_flutter, HTTP, shared_preferences, in_app_purchase, SQLite, Flutter ECommerce, Loading Animations, etc.

4. Single Code-base For Various Platforms

We already had a glimpse of this feature of Flutter. Let us get to know it a bit more. Flutter is a hassle-free SDK to develop an app for various iOS, Android, and desktop platforms. You can also have a web and embedded app using Flutter. It is possible because of a single code base feature. Developers and mobile application development companies always seek a solution like Flutter SDK. It makes app development easy and cuts down involved costs and time. Flutter is just for that and does what an app developer desires.

5. Impressive and Personalized Widgets

Flutter comprises widgets, interactive materials, and easily customizable layers to create dynamic designs and vibrant UIs. It eases the job for the developers. There are two widgets on Flutter - Cupertino and Material Design widgets. Both are awesome

6. Easy Adaptation and Compatibility

Flutter is easier to adapt to various operating systems, such as iOS, Android, or any monolithic kernel-based OS like Linux OS. Because this framework uses Google's programming language, Dart, it may not seem as famous as C++, Python, or Java. But the best thing about this programming language is its simplicity.

App developers unaware of the Dart programming language may need a week or two to learn it. Once that is done, there is no looking back. This kind of efficiency and straightforward nature of Flutter makes it the best choice among developers in the world. Its documentation process is much simpler.

7. Flutter is amazing for MVPs

Are you planning to bring another Minimum Viable Product (MVP) into the world and make an impact like Groupon, Airbnb, Zynga, etc.? Flutter is always going to be the feasible choice. It is cost-efficient, faster, and effortless compared to other IDEs for cross-platform app development. For moderate-sized apps that require continuous updates and soft changes, Flutter is the green signal for you. And the amazing thing is, you get it all done just by using a single code base across platforms.

10 Popular Apps Developed Using Flutter SDK

Here is a list of brands with their Flutter app or several apps to power their primary services. We take a closer look at the app development process and implementation to determine how established worldwide famous companies took advantage of material design, hot reloads, and other robust functionalities.

  • Google Ads
  • KlasterMe
  • Reflect
  • Xianyu by Alibaba
  • Postmuse – Instagram photo editing app
  • Groupon App
  • Hookle - Social Media Managing app
  • Hamilton Musical
  • Watermaniac
  • Cryptograph

Finally, why is it a must to choose Flutter for cross-platform app development?

  • Create dynamic and eye-catching UIs quickly using widgets, layers, and interactive materials. -
  • The UI in Flutter consists of widgets (putting together tiny UI building elements) using composition.
  • Flutter takes care of rendering in pixels. It ensures that widgets look the same on any mobile device. It also eliminates any potential device support issues. Hence, it's easy to design stunning UIs.
  • It is easy to create mobile, desktop, and web apps using the same codebase.

Flutter for cross-app development


To summarize, developing apps with Flutter can hugely benefit your business, as described and demonstrated by us and many of the largest players in the global market. Flutter is fast, productive, and flexible. It is what is needed in today's world. Choosing Flutter, in our view, will not go in vain and is particularly a viable choice. Flutter exposes you to a diverse and wide range of solutions if you are low on budget but need quality products.

We have included all the reasons that make Flutter a hit for app development. We have also explained that Flutter is going for several improvements in the upcoming days. Hence, if you are wondering about creating a Minimum Viable Product for your or any other startup and MSMEs that require to launch a mobile app for Android, iOS, and desktop or web users quickly, Flutter is the best framework that can give you apps with top-notch UI and seamless UX along with great reliability and faster results.

Quokka Labs is a top name in Flutter app development companies in USA, ensuring successful outcomes for your projects. If you haven't considered Flutter yet, what's holding you back? Reach out to us with any questions you have about Flutter app development. We also encourage you to share your experiences with Flutter in the comments section below.


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