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Hiring and Scaling your team to build a profitable business is a smooth ride with Quokka Labs. Here is how you can handpick/ HIRE Top React js. Developers from us: -

  1. Talk to us & share your requirements

    Discuss your business model with us and share your requirements. We will get back to you soon. Our team spends time with you to understand your technical and business needs to help you find the right fit.

  2. Select The Best Professional Profile

    We offer functional, responsive & secure development that helps in building business. Interact with the developers you like the best & select if they fit your product development goals as per requirements.

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    Well-thought-out questions can prove your understanding of the development and your value for any business. Interview & finalize the ideal candidate as per need.

  4. Get Set Go

    Once you choose the developer of your choice, It’s time to go ahead with the ideal fit. We ensure smooth onboarding to have them work on your project immediately.

Why Choose HTML5 Development For High-Value Expertise?

HTML5 is one of the most preferred front-end frameworks, ideal with all desktops & mobile browsers, and offers benefits like clear structure, elegant forms, etc.

Cleaner Code Structure

HTML5, with many altered and new tags, has improved the code structure, making it cleaner and more lucid for programmers and non-programmers.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

HTML5 has introduced a new cross-browser compatibility feature to list down the elements of the target browsers and then address them individually through fallback and graceful degradation.

Offline Browsing

HTML5, with its manifest attribute included in the tag, enables the users to continue browsing web pages and web applications even offline.

Mobile Adoption

This is known as one of the major benefits of HTML5 uses. Mobile adoption grows rapidly, and the growing number of mobile browser users will appreciate websites or applications that are as mobile-friendly as possible.

Interesting Connectivity

HTML5 has the capability of speeding up and boosting real-time chats and games. It also works in the delivery of improved communication. Connection & video conferencing controls are carried out in the browser directly.

Easy maintenance

When using HTML5 for development, ongoing maintenance becomes easy owing to a single code base & the configuration of new updates takes place automatically.

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Learnloft is a modern leadership development online platform that helps the management decide on maximizing their employee's strengths and improve on their weaknesses by backing it with quality leadership metrics and data.


Muso Keys

Muso key is an interactive and efficient piano learning app that lets you enjoy playing the piano right in your living room, office, and other places. It is designed to help you learn piano basics quickly and easily.

Your Options to Engage With Us

Our team is capable of quickly upholding the high standards you've set while working with us. If you're looking for quality and reliability in your React Js. app development, here are the two best options for you. Feel free to go with the one that makes the most sense to you.

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    Assured No. of Working Hours

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    Agile Methodology Followed

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    Monthly Payments with Fixed Service Costs

Pay as You Go

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    Suited for short to mid-term Projects

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    Urgency Based Working Hours

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    Agile Methodology Followed

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    Monthly Payments as per the agreed hourly rates


HTML5 supports all kinds of animation, audio, video, etc., and we easily embed a video on the web page with this. It does not require any additional software. Some of the reasons to use HTML5 are as follows:

  • Legacy and cross-browser support
  • Better interactions
  • Smarter storage
  • Cleaner code

A tag is unique content in HTML5, surrounded by an angle bracket (<,>). A slash (/) symbol closes the tag after completing the block. A minimum of three HTML tags are required to create a webpage.

We Both (Drag & Drop) are important UI concept that makes it easy to grab an object and later drag it to the place you wish for with the help of a mouse. Some standard features primarily used by Drag & Drop operation include move, link, or copy.

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We are an agile team composed of the best HTML5 developers. If you want to scale your team without compromising on the quality of your hires, look no further!

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I can very honestly recommend the company without any "buts". There are a few important, and I would say, unique features of the team - they know how to listen, they understand what they hear, they are capable to plan the work, they do the work on time with flying colors. And moreover, they are gentle, nice people, it is just nice to be with them. I worked with the company for around 3 years, and we developed useful products for Government of India, managing major programmes for implementing renewable energy projects. I was a Team Leader of the project EU India Technical Cooperation Project: Energy.

Marek Zaborowski

Marek Zaborowski-

Team Leader- EU India Technical Cooperation: Energy


What impressed me most is their understanding of the exact requirements, and we’re very sure with the right solutions they quickly respond to for fulfilling those. Our discussions with them helped us refine our concept node..


Mrinal Madas-

Consultant EU India Technical Cooperation: Energy


Their willingness to adapt to a moving target was outstanding. We had to make changes halfway through the project. Sunny and Sanchit will go to any end to find project solutions overseas.


John Eades

CEO learnloft


If you need a team that reflects excellence in its project management, then Quokka Labs is it. The inconsistencies they pointed out till the project's success couldn’t have been better. And this is what makes them stronger and reliable as a competition.


Nick Grissom

Get the Joint LLC


The team delivered a stable app ahead with increased uptimes, communicating effectively with the internal team. Quokka Labs treated/tackled the project problems as if they were their own. They endeavored to improve features and always keep the end-users in mind.


Faisal Mahmod

Founder RadioBuzz


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