E-Commerce Application Development

With your retail and ecommerce going digital, you are not only enhancing your product sales, but also enjoying better customer interaction, helping customise your products as per requirement and even understanding his/her purchasing behaviour. With information as the right weapon, these digital transformations are sure to pay off well.


Our team of strategizers, developers and designers brings you the power of customise, categorise and match your business goal with the like-minded audience in every way possible.


In-App buying experience

Better online shopping experience complements your physical store as consumers can now browse and purchase products remotely: anywhere and anytime


Interactive Shopping

In addition to buying and selling, our products also provide you many ways to interact with your customers like chatbots, quiz contests, daily buying rewards, gaming, animations and more.


Contextual Data Analysis

Scaling customer’s purchasing behavior and providing you with segmented RFM analysis, MIS reports regarding expenditure on each sale and ROI generated consequently


Automated Sale & Workflow Management

Our AI systems are programmed to utilize available resources smartly to give the best service output and even research different optimisation focussed management algorithms.


Loyalty Programmes

Mobile apps are embedded with loyalty programmes like VIP, Platinum or Gold Memberships, thus rewarding your valued customers with app-exclusive offers: enabling longer business relationships.


Deliver some of the most powerful features with us and win user satisfaction, thus broadening your service bandwidth as well as deepening your business relationship for lifetime.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

An end-to-end business management software to standardize several operation chains and transactions on a secure platform to facilitate better collaboration among employees

Trade Connect Platform

Fetching retailers as well as distributors the best deals by connecting multiple retailers, wholesalers, and distributors on a cross platform designed w.r.t. their needs and demands.

AR & Video Integration

A customised platform to take your customers on a virtual tour in-and-around your store products to enhance shopping experience and earn you loyal customers.

Shipping and Inventory Tracking

Live tracking of delivery and supply processes along with push notifications at different stages to ensure timely delivery and winning customer satisfaction.

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