Education Application Development

Overview of Education Industry

From the days of mandatory degree courses from universities, the industry has come a long way to cater to the minutest career propelling skill development to thrive and excel. This is reflected wholesomely in the estimated US$ 252 billion market predicted by trusted sources.

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Services We Render

We support you in the digital transformation with our energy expertise and show how you can access potential cost reductions and generate greater returns.


IT Supported e-learning

Building a one-stop feature for all forms of resources like ebooks, videos, podcasts, and also recommending them the best supports using data-driven search analytics is the best thing a student can ask for.


Online Exam & Assessment

Test preparations for important competitive exams like JEE, GATE, UPSC, etc. and also generating AI powered reports customised to match set objectives.


Smart Learning Environment (SLE)

Imbibing remote management tools into K-12 education systems to sustain remotely located classrooms by facilitating seamless online streaming, discussing and smart learning tools.


IoT Connected Platform

Technologies like Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR), Gamification and several more are taking education one notch higher. Such intelligent systems are taking the market by storm.


Securing Your Data

Cloud based storage systems are becoming more business friendly due to its robust, cost-effective and multi-server supportive technology.

Development & Automation

Digital Content Mobility

Integrating vast library resources with automatic mapping synchronised with the user search pattern to lead him/her to the best recommended content.

Test Preparation Applications

Re-creating the actual competitive exam scenario and then providing personalised progress reports based on precisely analysing question-to-question difficulty level, accuracy, speed, identifying weak spots and suggesting corrective measures.

Cloud-based Learning Management System

A fully AI driven all-in-one service that manages systematic material delivery, personal dashboard, homework and open discussions with tutor using cloud management system to store and distribute information efficiently.

IT Assisted Infrastructure

Convert your office, school and institution into an IoT enabled smart campus by engaging intelligent and safe wireless technologies and large internet bandwidth to automate everything from movement sensors to interactive teaching from home.

Quizzing & Brainstorming Apps

Designing user-friendly web and mobile applications using smart gamification tools and inventing new interactive quizzing & brainstorming ideas to propel fun-learning.

AR/VR Integrated Learning

3D simulation of difficult topics through hand-on examples is being rapidly acquired by corporations and institutions as the learners are getting easily attracted to experiencing these technologies letting them excel in academic performance.

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