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Dating | Travel | Fitness Enriched

With millions of users getting added to the Industry 4.0 market, companies are coming out in more ways to become it’s user’s social buddy adding more dimensions to his/her digital lifestyle. This is performed by innovating mobility in matching lovers, remotely monitoring their fitness level and even a virtual travel guide.


Our team of experienced mobile app developers adapt latest tools and softwares to give a user-centric touch to your applications enhancing customer experience through interactive designs, anytime support and hard-coded models for more reliability.


Smart Geofencing Structures

Real-time location-based apps that use smart geofencing markings to provide potential dating profiles to the user/s visiting or roaming in and around the location.


Highly Appealing UI/UX

Intelligent UI/UX designing to deliver utmost customer experience suiting user liking, choices and many more.


Single Touch Access

Do away with redundant email and password typing with social profile login for a faster and easier onboarding process.


Multi Channel Access & Notification

Trying to find hotels and taxis on mobile apps but booking through websites? Don’t worry. Our cross-platform support integrates both and even enables omni-channel notifications: push, email & messaging.


AR/VR Implementation

Optimise your postures and speed by streaming yourself though our in-app 4K video recording feature and get live feedback generated through AI enabled body movement and heat sensing algorithms.


Chats, Video Calls & Media

Use our dating app as the premier communication platform with your date via embedded features like texting, quality video calling, gifs and adding in-app exclusive filters, stickers: redefining the dating platform wholesomely.


We build time-tested robust structures that handle petabytes of data suggesting behavioral algorithms, seamless high quality streaming, cross-platform development, world-class IoT implementation for better dating, travel, fitness and social applications.

Socialised Dating Apps

Make the most out of people’s desire to interact with more people through social media channels, profile sharing, group chats, location & preference based matching and a lot more!

A Complete Travel Buddy

A one-stop mobile app to start your journey: from picking up local riders and locating exclusive hotel & restaurant offers from multiple sites to filtering best travel routes using Google Maps.

24/7 Fitness Trainer

Uninterrupted session monitoring and personalised subscription plans for providing users with more detailed analysis of your fitness, suggesting best exercises to complete your goal.

Social Tourism: AR/VR Interface

High quality virtual reality tour of your favourite destinations both domestic and abroad with roadmaps and tourism info like nearby spots, travel-mates, weather, hotels availability.

Community Dating: LGBTQ

Recognising LGBTQ people and connecting them with like-minded matches, developing a comfortable platform for more interesting features like labeling, tagging, community talks, blogs and many more.

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