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Delivering Automated Technology to Serve Energy Problems

After decades of being subjected to rudimentary improvements limited to increasing production, energy industries are shifting focus from large defunct power plants to deploying digital intelligence to monitor, understand and control the power dynamics. This multi-billion sector is now looking for new renewable and reusable resources to help transforming the way energy is generated and hence, cut out losses

Services We Render

We support you in the digital transformation with our energy expertise and show how you can access potential cost reductions and generate greater returns.


Energy Management Softwares

Managing power utilisations across various appliances through smart sensors, tracking and wireless innovations.


Helping Project Development

Efficating the project development protocols involving permissions, commissioning and other legal practices digitally through single window portal systems.


Flexible Distribution

Intelligent energy generation to bring down production cost by supplying the right amount of energy at the right time.


Virtual Modeling

Redefining complex energy architectures by using AI propelled AR/VR applications; providing safer operations.


Optimising Storage Capacities

Using our powerful AI platform to customise your battery use with state-of-the-art forecasts and optimisation algorithms.

Development and Automation

Series of digital disruptions have forced the energy industry to look for smart and secure ways to manage their production and utility. With mobility, IoT and big data systems at hand, such problems are tackled and hyper-personalised solutions defined.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Multiple decentralised plants are processed in real time and the concerned information is shared/transmitted on a secure platform supported by analysis, live tracking dashboards, determining trends in utilities, and even customisations (eg. smart offices, homes, etc.).

Application Portals

To help implement such large scale projects, especially in Government’s drive towards renewable energy production, our digital application portals are tailored for different protocol requirements that offer transferring and sharing information within a click.

Energy Trade Through Blockchain

Blockchain introduces decentralisation of electricity; i.e. allows smaller energy transactions between producers and consumers which reduces complexity and cost too.

Virtual Power Plants (VPPs)

Integrating multiple energy sources into a central network fitted with a robust AI system that monitors and controls the energy distribution. This facilitates flexibility in dictating energy production according to the energy demand in the market.

Smart Meters

By informing the consumer about his/her energy use while operating electrical appliances at home, from room lights to hot geysers, these devices give a better customized consumption of energy.

Intelligent & Powerful Grids

Avoiding excess production by knowing the consumption trends at different levels. Such grids are powerful enough to scale up or down production accordingly giving an uninterrupted power supply as well as cutting on energy losses.

Implementing AR/VR

Equipping plant workers with advanced AR/VR enabled headset mirrors an efficient workflow and safe ecosystem while handling delicate but dangerous operations. This also reduces your operation cost as one worker can now operate more parts easily.

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