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Quokka Labs, with its Pan-India presence, assists world-class enterprises & organizations. Pick the right Node.js talent that perfectly matches your technology culture. Build, shape, & scale your app development vision to the highest quality.

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Get your Node.js app Developed with our Mobile App Development Services

Want to grow your business or thinking about how to fulfill backend development requirements? Choose our mobile app development services. Use the latest frameworks & tools we provide. Develop Node.js apps for mobile and web and excel in time management/performance.

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Scrap. Screen. Filter. Extract better hiring stories with Quokka Labs

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We Make the Screening Process Super Simple

The screening process that Quokka Labs follows is super simple and can turn the tables anytime. Get a competitive edge in superior app development performance & user experience. Pick/recruit vetted Node.js talent & tackle project challenges with excellence.

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Flexible & Transparent Communication

Our in-house Node.js development team fine-tunes your project management plans using critical success factors that directly benefit your business. We realize what impact they make on quality and other legal constraints. Analyze/determine the effect better with our team of experts.

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Bring Long-term Impact to your Business with our Node.js Team

Have questions about development procedures, delivery timelines, and other project requisites? We accept them as ours & offer you solutions that bring a long-term impact to your business.

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6+ Years of Quality Experience

Break records with the standard development stack that our Node.js developers use. Build versatile frontends and backends using npm and Express.js. Deliver products of flawless quality with QL's quality experience.

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Hire & Attract Top Talent as per Today’s Hiring Market

Our top Node.js app developers will acknowledge every aspect of your business. Take part in every mobile or web app development project with them. Follow best practices that empower your business in today's hiring market.

4-Step Route To Find Your Best Fit

QL stays ahead of the curve and handpicks the concepts that scale well in all your development endeavors. Reinvent hiring experience of utter importance with these simple steps:

Spend time with our professionals

Node.js experts that we get for you to connect well with primary and secondary business requirements. Spend time with them. Attract what drives your business in practice.

Screen and Source is an excellent fit in one go

We ensure you hit today's hiring market with a valuable and meaningful impact. Source/ screen is the ideal fit for any of your Node.js projects.

Evaluate the talent & attract perks full-time

Interact with the developers that evaluate project ethics with some real purpose. They will align with all your product development goals & identify what matters the most for your business.

Onboard the hire for your project

We manage track, & resolve all your onboarding conflicts—level up the hiring process. Let the hire run/ grow your business per the market standards.

Why Node.js Development for all Types of Product Requirements?

Node.js is a trademark for all product requirements - either frontend or backend. Its runtime environment takes scalability, app development, and project governance a bit further at no hidden charges. Communicate flexibly with its standard libraries & other benefits in real-time.

A Solid Framework for all Times

Node.js is dominating the software industry with its inexpensive nature. Startups and tech ventures are adopting its popularity. 65 to 70 percent of mobile web applications have Node.js at their forefront.

Fast & Asynchronous

The runtime environment of this cross-platform programming language uses Google's V8 JS Engine. This makes Node.js fast, event-driven, & asynchronous. Rule the tech market. Pace up the app development process with such high-performing capabilities accessible from anywhere.

Live/ Recorded Streaming

Live or Recorded - the JavaScript modules of this platform support both kinds of streaming. Use it as an option & simplify the development of such streams. Run/ write such events better on Windows and Linux.

Real-time Application Development

Developers & testers never feel stuck while building apps using the Node.js framework. Such apps depict well real-time interactions through games/ chats. Allow your business to avoid typical dependencies of app development.


Here’s a collection of our Prime projects

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Edukyte is one of the largest free online course providers for coaching related to prestigious national-level competitive exams like UPSC.



Nrivesh brings together the Indian diaspora (NRIs and Indian realtors) on its robust platform and devises an easy way to evaluate, buy, sell or rent properties of different architecture and sizes.

Your Options to Engage With Us

Our team can quickly uphold your high standards while working with us. Here are the two best options if you're looking for quality and reliability in your Node.js app development.

Dedicated Team

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    Suited for long-term Projects

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    Assured No. of Working Hours

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    Agile Method Followed

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    Monthly Payments with Fixed Service Costs

Pay as You Go

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    Suited for short to mid-term Projects

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    Urgency Based Working Hours

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    Agile Method Followed

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    Monthly Payments as per the agreed hourly rates


Netflix, Linkedin, GoDaddy, and quite a few enterprises are using Node.js for building their app's user interface. Use its runtime environment for better app development productivity. Optimize dashboards better or maintain live server connections at low costs.

Node.js TDD approach in real-time gears up not only the app development but testing as well. Redefine the development process with the latest tech stack Node.js responds to. Test better and in an event-driven manner all your apps in the Node.js runtime environment better and in an event-driven manner.

Just go through the mechanics in the form of a series of steps written below to set up/ run your first Node.js project:

  • Go to the official Node.js web portal. Download the Long-term support version.
  • Install Node, then NPM. Double-check if they have pathways defined.
  • Create your new Node.js project folder or directory.
  • Go ahead/run NPM in that folder.
  • Install required NPM package(s) via the command line.
  • Better create a file with .js or extension now.
  • At last, run the terminal-based Node.js server.
  • Congrats! You hosted your first Node.js project.

From time trackers to audio/video streaming, Node.js can create any of such real-time applications. Its open-source environment encourages top companies to use it for production. Make activity tracking and error handling better and with no extra work.

Hire without looking further

We are an agile team composed of the best Node.js developers. If you want to scale up your team quickly without compromising on the quality of your hires, look no further!

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What our Clients have to say About us


I can very honestly recommend the company without any "buts". There are a few important, and I would say, unique features of the team - they know how to listen, they understand what they hear, they are capable to plan the work, they do the work on time with flying colors. And moreover, they are gentle, nice people, it is just nice to be with them. I worked with the company for around 3 years, and we developed useful products for Government of India, managing major programmes for implementing renewable energy projects. I was a Team Leader of the project EU India Technical Cooperation Project: Energy.


Marek Zaborowski-

Team Leader- EU India Technical Cooperation: Energy


What impressed me most is their understanding of the exact requirements, and we’re very sure with the right solutions they quickly respond to for fulfilling those. Our discussions with them helped us refine our concept node..


Mrinal Madas-

Consultant EU India Technical Cooperation: Energy


Their willingness to adapt to a moving target was outstanding. We had to make changes halfway through the project. Sunny and Sanchit will go to any end to find project solutions overseas.


John Eades

CEO learnloft


If you need a team that reflects excellence in its project management, then Quokka Labs is it. The inconsistencies they pointed out till the project's success couldn’t have been better. And this is what makes them stronger and reliable as a competition.


Nick Grissom

Get the Joint LLC


The team delivered a stable app ahead with increased uptimes, communicating effectively with the internal team. Quokka Labs treated/tackled the project problems as if they were their own. They endeavored to improve features and always keep the end-users in mind.


Faisal Mahmod

Founder RadioBuzz

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