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Quokka Labs is a business intelligence services provider to gain actionable insights for leveling up your decision-making. Business intelligence services are essential in transforming businesses or organizations into modern, data-driven, empowering daily reporting, insight, and operations.

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What is Business Intelligence Used For?

Business Intelligence is a process of analyzing data and information to provide insights and reports that help decision-making. Businesses use BI to understand better their customers, employees, finances, products, or competition.
The idea behind BI is that organizations can use the information they gather to make better decisions about their business operations.
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What is the Difference Between Business Intelligence and Business Analytics?

Business intelligence collects, analyzes, and reports data from various sources to solve complex problems. Business analytics is a subset of business intelligence that focuses on understanding and interpreting data to make predictions, recommendations, or decisions.
The difference between these two is that BI provides the raw data. In contrast, business analytics interprets & provides insights into how the company, business, or organization can improve its performance.

What's the Scope of Business Intelligence in the Future?

Business intelligence (BI) is a broad term that can be applied to many fields. The scope of business intelligence can be divided into three categories:-
-BI for enterprises includes using BI tools and software for decision-making at all organizational levels.
-BI for an individual includes data analysis and reporting on an individual level.
-Business Intelligence in academia is typically concerned with research and teaching.
These three categories have not yet covered many areas but will become increasingly important in the future. Besides, there are no specific terms that cover how to use BI tools to improve customer service or how to use them to improve safety standards across industries.

Why Should You Choose Business Intelligence Services with Quokka Labs?

Quokka Labs is a leading provider of business intelligence solutions and services. We offer BI services to help businesses or organizations succeed in the competitive data-driven economy.
Quokka Labs aims to provide businesses with advanced technology and expertise to help them make better decisions. We offer services tailored to the needs of the client and their industry.
We also offer advanced analytics, which is used to get insights into what is happening in an organization’s operations or marketing strategy. This helps organizations stay ahead of the competition by knowing what they should do next.

Benefits of Business Intelligence Services & Solutions

Business Intelligence or BI is a term used to describe the process of analyzing data and presenting it in a way the user can comprehend. Explore the benefits of business intelligence solutions.


Improve Business Efficiency

We are a prominent business intelligence service provider that helps businesses or companies in various industries to improve operational efficiency by implementing advanced & latest BI tools and technologies.


Efficiently Control Data

Business intelligence services ensure that businesses or organizations meet their goals by providing accurate statistics about their data on various metrics like operational data, decision-making, and automating reporting for analysis.


Improve Risk Management

Business intelligence solutions assist businesses in tracking risk compliance and making data-driven choices. The BI tools are also used for fraud detection, including spotting suspicious activity and checking for dishonest user behavior.


Custom BI Software

BI software will enhance your business operations and data quality. We are one of the companies providing business intelligence services, and our specialists include data visualization, 360-degree customer views, custom platforms, predictive analytics, and many more.


Increase Revenue

Any business should aim to increase its revenue. Through comparisons across various dimensions and the identification of sales weaknesses, data from BI tools can help businesses ask better questions about why things occur.


Increase Customer Satisfaction

Can assist businesses in comprehending consumer patterns and behavior. Most businesses collect customer feedback in real time, and this data can aid in both retaining existing clients and attracting new ones.

Our Services

We are a leading provider of business intelligence services that help businesses or organizations to enter the world of data with the help of our cutting-edge BI solutions.

Business Intelligence Consulting

We provide BI consulting services to assess your current technology situation and find areas that could be enhanced with BI solutions. Our analysts identify the most effective ways to use data to take advantage of new business opportunities.

End-to-End BI Application Development

We at Quokka Labs bring our extensive experience in all business intelligence development lifecycle phases, from the requirements phase to launch, maintenance, and a business intelligence solution ready for the market.

Data Quality Management

We provide data quality management that includes ongoing monitoring, interpretation, and improvement of data before it enters your core systems. We assist in identifying fundamental causes of general data quality issues by setting up appropriate tools.

Predictive Analytics

We use different data science methodologies and technologies to provide business insights to our clients that improve product efficiency, personalize user experience, forecast user behavior, and more.

Data Visualization & Self-Service BI

Utilize specialized data visualization software to understand your priceless data comprehensively. We have experience developing self-service BI systems that make it easier to work with data and enable access and analyze necessary data.

BI Support & Maintenance

Our professional business intelligence experts can maintain and enhance an organization’s existing BI solutions, including analytics, reporting, ETL(Extract Transform Load), database development & administration, and more.

Our Process

We define the following stages at Quokka Labs to ensure the best possible process to develop business intelligence solutions that meet your business needs.

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Industries We Have Served

Business Intelligence is essential to the healthcare industry. It helps collect, analyze, and interpret data. This data can be used for many things like strategic planning, marketing research, and clinical trial.

Business Intelligence can help collect, collate, measure, and study data to deliver actionable insights. The energy and utility sector players or experts can utilize this insight to make the right decisions.

BI helps the retail industry in many aspects, including improved merchandising, effective marketing, improved inventory management, and a better understanding of customer behavior, making better decisions and running the business more efficiently.

In the real estate industry, BI can be used for various purposes. One such goal is to measure demand for specific properties or property types. It can also rank potential buyers according to their buying power or credit score so sellers know where they should focus their marketing efforts.

Business Intelligence can help educators track student progress through their educational experience. BI can also be used to analyze current education systems and find ways to improve them.

Quality assurance is an organized manner of measuring the standard level of quality in the provided services and products. Quality Assurance enhances the work structure of the sector. It adds more value to any travel-related organization.

Governments use BI to allocate budgets efficiently to increase efficiency and make things more cost-effective. They can identify how much money is spent on certain services, such as sanitation or gas production, by data generation from records.

Business intelligence is an important tool for the media and entertainment industry. It helps them understand better their current audience and create a strategy to reach out to the people who would be interested in their products or services.

BI contributes to the lifestyle industry in different aspects, from getting market insights to trade data, competitor & performance analysis, understanding previous data, and optimizing value.

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Learnloft is a modern leadership development online platform that helps the management decide on maximizing their employee's strengths and improve on their weaknesses by backing it with quality leadership metrics and data.


Muso Keys

Muso key is an interactive and efficient piano learning app that lets you enjoy playing the piano right in your living room, office, and other places. It is designed to help you learn piano basics quickly and easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions Based on Business Intelligence

Self-service business intelligence (BI) is a type of business intelligence available to the user without IT intervention. It allows users to extract data from various sources and then analyze and visualize it differently.

Self-service business intelligence can be used in many fields, such as marketing, sales, customer service, product development, and finance. It also helps organizations become more agile by providing instant access to data that may have been previously unavailable or too costly.

As a business intelligence consulting company, we assist companies or businesses in choosing and implementing scalable enterprise business intelligence solutions that address their data requirements and operational challenges.

We begin by comprehending the client’s business goals and thoroughly examining the current or existing business intelligence solutions. Our analysis and research recommend the best optimization strategies for the product/solution.


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I can very honestly recommend the company without any "buts". There are a few important, and I would say, unique features of the team - they know how to listen, they understand what they hear, they are capable to plan the work, they do the work on time with flying colors. And moreover, they are gentle, nice people, it is just nice to be with them. I worked with the company for around 3 years, and we developed useful products for Government of India, managing major programmes for implementing renewable energy projects. I was a Team Leader of the project EU India Technical Cooperation Project: Energy.

Marek Zaborowski

Marek Zaborowski-

Team Leader- EU India Technical Cooperation: Energy


What impressed me most is their understanding of the exact requirements, and we’re very sure with the right solutions they quickly respond to for fulfilling those. Our discussions with them helped us refine our concept node..


Mrinal Madas-

Consultant EU India Technical Cooperation: Energy


Their willingness to adapt to a moving target was outstanding. We had to make changes halfway through the project. Sunny and Sanchit will go to any end to find project solutions overseas.


John Eades

CEO learnloft


If you need a team that reflects excellence in its project management, then Quokka Labs is it. The inconsistencies they pointed out till the project's success couldn’t have been better. And this is what makes them stronger and reliable as a competition.


Nick Grissom

Get the Joint LLC


The team delivered a stable app ahead with increased uptimes, communicating effectively with the internal team. Quokka Labs treated/tackled the project problems as if they were their own. They endeavored to improve features and always keep the end-users in mind.


Faisal Mahmod

Founder RadioBuzz


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