AI and ML Services: The Next Frontier in Digital Technology

To help you convert data chunks acquired into intelligent decision-making strategies, we onboard you to digital transformation platforms that predict and manage immaculately designed algorithms to structurally develop your business goals.


AI and ML Services: The Next Frontier in Digital Technology

Artificial intelligence services and machine learning services have become truly established throughout the modern spectrum. With businesses evolving almost every day it is seemingly queuing up to benefit the end customers who are actively employing and utilizing modern technology to the fullest. Empower your organization to evolve with the best Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning services to create an experience for life. AI and ML are solving real-world problems for businesses, make sure your business is not left behind either! We offer expert advice in the fields of Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, and Deep Learning. We help build and train the large neural networks required to get the most out of your data and solve your business problems. Our team of data scientists, engineers, and consultants will work with you to understand your requirements. Then, we'll propose a custom-made solution that will complement your existing IT infrastructure. We will also assist you with product development and management of data. Get the Best Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Services at Quokka Labs: We understand that you're looking for the best services and that's why our team has created a set of artificial intelligence and machine learning services that are cost-effective and can meet your specific needs. Get in touch with us and see how we can help you starting today!

Make AI/ML Services Work For You

Deep Learning

The AI segment is growing at an exponential pace and is expected to skyrocket in the coming years. We understand the cognitive aspect of AL and ML services that’s leading every business today to turn to digital adoptions. Deep learning is one of the most promising types of AI and has the potential to equip the machines with the intelligence of humans. Let us help your business take advantage of the data parallelism available from the wide arrays of processors that are available in modern computer architectures. We will make sure to leverage every possible machine learning method that derives its features through architectures composed of multiple non-linear transformations.

Machine Learning

Avail the best Machine Learning Services with us at Quokka based on the top-notch implementation of the most advanced algorithms for the development of intelligent systems. We will be happy to assist your business in unraveling the wide range of solutions in the field of pattern recognition, natural language processing, information retrieval, and intelligent web services. Deep dive with us to add intelligence to your apps and websites that connect with your users. Let’s incorporate exciting patterns of AL and ML to make predictions and decisions that come with the capability to transform your business for good! Get in touch with us today and start building!

Natural Language Processing

Our NLP capabilities help you build chatbots to make your business more efficient and effective by adding a natural language interface to it. We blend the best techniques of natural language processing formulas that blend well with programming machines to read and understand human languages for your digital products with ease. Get ready to use this technology that can be used in determining market trends based on recent searches, analyzing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, processing data and so much more. Gear up to integrate a seamless process which is also an integral part of many large organizations and government bodies. Get in touch with us if you want us to do the same for your entity!

AI Based Solutions

We will put all our research into flourishing your business with authentic and original research on Artificial Intelligence best practices that are the most advanced in the industry. We are one of the most trustworthy and independent data science providers in India and are proud to deliver some of the best quantitative and qualitative research on AI, Machine Learning, NLP, Blockchain, and Deep Learning. We would love to do the same for your business too! Get in touch with us today to get a free quote!

Achieve more with AI/ML

Personalization AI/Mobility

We use a unique suite of AI-based software that can be easily integrated into your platform. Quokka Labs is a digital product company that creates innovative solutions to solve business problems with a personalized touch meant to address the pain points of your customers.

Fraud Detection

Decision Intelligence for your business: Quokka Labs' patented decision intelligence can be used to determine when, where, why or how fraud is being committed in e-commerce, finance, insurance, banking, healthcare, within your IoT deployments or in your digital marketing campaigns.


Ace the potential of your business with out of the box online video and image processing tech that helps your businesses to flourish from ground level. Escalate the ability to create high-quality videos and images to improve your business brand.

Document Analysis

From using machine learning libraries to build ML models for document summarization, Text classification, clustering, extraction, sentiment analysis, entity extraction, etc, we won't leave any stone unturned. For an in-depth and richer document analysis of your business, our experts will leverage pre-trained models with different algorithms and datasets for multiple use cases.

Business Intelligence

With our cutting-edge AI services, you can easily add smart features to your digital products, without worrying about infrastructure or expertise. We take care of everything, while you focus on growing your business. It gives you the ability to create products that offer a superior user experience and unique business advantages.

Text to Speech

Text To Speech allows companies to get feedback on their documents in order to improve the actual product. This means faster, easier, and more painless improvement of using your products and services. Quokka Labs gives you the power to convert written text to audio files. It helps build a better user experience. It helps you create a lifelike voice for a personalized message.

How we work

How we work






Delivering The Future Of Business Using AI/ML

Interactive Chatbots

Make the world a better place by creating innovative technology for businesses and individuals. Our chatbots use machine learning and artificial intelligence to make your experience better and more productive. Quokka Labs allows you to test your bot with real users, track their behavior and iterate your bot based on the feedback received. Starting from a utility chatbot to entertainment chatbots to even a transactional chatbot, you name it and we will design it all!


Recommendation Engine

We help you provide useful feedback to users based on their preferences and online behaviors through recommendation engines. Many companies are investing in artificial intelligence to automate this process so they can increase sales online without having to devote extra resources to generating traffic. Leverage the technology for your businesses to skyrocket revenues as well! Allow your businesses to create a new revenue stream without having to invest any more money in building out the technology.


Voice-Based AI

With Quokka Lab’s Voice-Based AI, you can interact and get tasks done with your phone and devices. If you are looking to get into voice technology then you are on the right track. Let us assist you in delivering the most innovative technology and consulting services to clients around the world. Let’s drive business breakthroughs and create industry solutions.

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Process Automation

Automate your AI processes and maximize the performance and productivity of your business! Increase speed, efficiency, and reach in an industry that is constantly changing. When you choose to implement process automation in AI, it spontaneously leads your business to lead to better and more advanced customer service, increased resources, and enhanced time efficiency across an industry you want to dominate. By using AI to automate processes, you can take your business to heights that can reach new markets and expand with better customer service and lower costs.


Image Processing

Transforms the way you use images. When you trust the Artificial Intelligence of Image Processing you impart the ability for a computer to understand and interpret an image. Our specialized AI/ML specialists take the responsibility to do this by using different algorithms and processes as applicable. Every possible algorithm used in image processing such as feature extraction, and pattern recognition, and matching will be leveraged to add intelligence to your apps and websites.

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Disrupt Major Industries In AI/ML

Real Estate
Media & Entertainment
Banking & Financial Services
Retail & eCommerce

Your ability to make smart decisions about real estate will come down to how well you’re able to use artificial intelligence and machine learning. Decisions relating to the value of a property, real estate market research, potential investment options, demographic features, and much more can all be foretold with predictive modeling and steadfast data. Artificial intelligence is getting more and more natural with its progressive and more humanized improvements. Modern breakthroughs in machine learning will help you recognize the real estate opportunities worth seizing.


Deep dive into the world of education that’s fun and power-packed with learning! Our team of skilled and specialized technocrats can develop software that allows students to focus more on lesson plans more than ever before. Usage of video games, quizzes, and other interactive programs, removes any distraction that might stand in the way of learning. Now, educators and instructors also have the option of easily creating their own lesson plans to reflect their unique teaching style.


AI and ML take care of your patients and healthcare business like never before. Quokka Labs assists you with the first digital health assistant that takes care of your patients and doesn't need your intervention, allowing you to have more time for the things that matter. Artificial intelligence services are mounting and have the potential to tip the scales for ensuring a seamless process for routine admin tasks, lifestyle vulnerabilities, patient care priorities, and global productivity in general. The need for artificial intelligence (AI) services is increasing and it holds the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry, thanks to data insights that can be trusted.


Data is no longer just about analyzing past data. It's about predicting future results. The algorithm that works behind successful predictive modeling can tweak your decision-making process. Make sure it's always in your favor. At Quokka Labs, we make sure you tap into the structured and unstructured data to reveal the most popular and relevant content recommendations.


We specialize in helping financial companies realize the value of their data and business processes. The landscape of financial industries requires security, rapid and reliable processes to operate at a tremendous scale without any hiccups. By adopting smart solutions, the financial sectors get a huge competitive advantage to cope up with the ever-changing panorama. Quokka Labs understands the importance of fintech, and thus we systematically collect and organize information that makes recommendations such as credit score analysis, churn prediction, customer service, and much more. Our every move ensures to safeguard transactions to facilitate seamless flow of payments round the clock.


When it comes to eCommerce, the way you satisfy customers is pivoting way too quickly to keep up with their attention span. We constantly strive to go beyond customer satisfaction and seek to solve real-world issues. Starting from chatbots, last-mile delivery, hyperlocal eCommerce, localizing content-we customize every possible theme and other integrations to make your customer journey a bliss on virtual platforms through enhanced artificial intelligence services.


AI/ML Technologies

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  • How do I know if AI and ML Services are going to offer security to my business?

    Quokka Labs is here to empower companies to become data driven, with AI algorithms that detect fraud, reduce paperwork & automate workflows. The list includes startups working in the fields of Big Data, Cloud/SaaS, Insurtech, Identity, Payments, Security, Trading, Lending, Financial Platforms, Regtech.

  • Why are AI and ML services required for modern digital businesses?

    Because it solves the technology’s most complex problems with machine learning and artificial intelligence services. Quokka Labs offer the most promising services that can be availed in the most convenient duration of time. Get your projects built in no time. We specialize in identifying usage patterns in data with deep learning. Our team of AI experts makes it easy to use data to drive your business decisions.

  • Why should I choose Quokka Labs for scaling my business in AI and ML domain?

    We offer the most promising services when it comes to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Quokka Labs helps businesses easily create smarter apps and websites with AI and machine learning. Our team of specialists can help you develop your next groundbreaking app, website, or even a full-fledged chatbot. We have helped tons of customers in creating smart applications using machine learning and artificial intelligence. We let you take care of your business while we take care of the complex code that goes behind it. We help you drive enterprises to build industry-defying solutions in AI and ML.

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