Travel Application Development

Delivering Flexible Fleet Management Business Solutions

Physically controlling a fool-proof transportation and logistics management system is very complex. In this regard, our smart digital networking and mobile development apps are capable of scaling such inconveniences into customised intelligent systems which precisely troubleshoot your transportation challenges, delay problems and information bugs; giving you the optimal support to grow your business.


To help you gain the competitive edge in this rapidly growing market, our tried and tested streamilned models shall benefit you in acquiring larger returns and improving your on-field productivity.


Mobile Apps for Multiple Platforms

Diversify your logistic delivery operations using our cross-platform supportive technology including ERP, warehouse and transport management system (WMS & TMS).


Real-time Inspection & Troubleshooting

Handling pick-up and dispatch issues along with providing instant solutions successfully to nullify operational delays, thus generating greater customer experience effortlessly.


Consignment Tracking Modules

Advanced streaming of consignment to both consumer and admin, hence automatically notify consignment status and answer delivery related queries actively.


Intelligent Data Analysis

Manage varying transportation parameters during the delivery process and identify time-saving, cost-effective and efficient transport routes for better performance.


Driver Support

Keeping the drivers informed about latest road stats, shorter routes, delivery timings and many more roadside guidance to insure timely transportation.


We leverage our leadership in providing the best logistic solutions through our matchless enterprise mobility strategy that can generate better management capacity, helping you cover a wider circle of the market along with building a profitable system.

Supply Chain Solution

Integrating product companies as well as field staff onboard our robust WMS & TMS which keeps the desired operators informed about their delivery status.

Inventory Management System

Reduce human errors in stock maintenance and release by automating category wise stock piling using standard barcode scanning and encryption policies.

Delivery Tracking

Enable live tracking for your fleet and vehicles from dispatch till final delivery, thus improving field employee productivity.

Geo-Fencing Tool

Google map integration with geo-fencing tools to automatically register and track driver logs to facilitate a safe and secure distribution system.

Fleet Management & CRM tool

Sync data autonomously between your array of fleets and servers effectively and communicating asset status directly to the users.

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