Real Estate Application Development

Scaling the Industry with Digital Transformations

The real-estate spans from building properties to buying and selling of the assets. Gone are the days when similar operations required huge physical capital to manage the entire business: resulting in losing money. The industry’s landscape is changing positively into adapting smart digital services that help them expand and exploit the technology bandwidth available worldwide.


Our cutting-edge technology adaptation translates into providing the best services incorporating latest digital environments tailored to your needs. It’s our wholesome responsibility to make the most trustable innovation available for your business.


Property Search, Connect & Buy: Mobility Solutions

Intelligent apps and websites allow dynamic interactions between buyers and sellers: a one-stop place for listing properties, based on price, location, type and other filters.


Cost-Effective Construction Technologies

AI-enabled softwares sync and monitor construction machinery which speeds up the building process and helps identify glitches in design and architecture.


Unmatched 3D Renderings

Enables virtual 360 degree 3D tour of entire buildings remotely giving users an ultimate view of the assets on sale.


Hassle-free documentation

Making legal protocols and permissions paperless through bug-free online document submissions, digital signatures and many more.


Scaling Big Data for Smart Decisions

Finding real-time analytics into current market trends accommodating numerous factors for predicting and strategizing better business models accordingly.


Fundamental changes in the way real-estate business used to take place have been replaced by state-of-the-art technological inhibitions which have remarkably affected the market to grow in this digitally disruptive ecosystem. We have held our ground successfully and have been producing applications that define our technocracy.

Customer Mobility Solutions

Hybrid support system to enhance customer engagement, location & visibility solutions, marketing through email, push notifications, etc.

B2B/B2C Property & Rental Apps

Multilingual environment where builders and agents can connect interactively and share information regarding building projects and their monetary prospects.

Digital Interactive Modelling

Offering BIM (Building Information Modelling) softwares to help engineers understand construction issues and find durable and optimal solutions effortlessly.

Augmented & Virtual Realty (AR/VR)

A seamless platform to recreate the building properties with immersive 3D walkthroughs attracting potential clients towards your unique selling propositions.

Robotics & IoT

While smart sensors can measure defects as well as schedule supply of building materials for non-stop construction, AI propelled drones access and monitor large projects minutely. Managing heavy construction projects by actively monitoring building issues as well as accessing difficult operation areas.

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