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Have thoughts about re-evaluating your business through data analytics consulting? Make sure you look in every possible place. Don't undermine the importance of collecting and analyzing data in your business. Data-driven insights and analytics provide your company with a competitive edge. As a result, you can spend less time on mundane tasks and more time focusing on the growth of your business. Data Analytics consulting is important for enhancing customer experience. Research shows that more than 90% of business managers believe analytics can boost sales by more than 20%. With analytics, you don't just wait for the best thing to happen! The data collected from your business should better help you understand how to change it? Give your business the much-needed edge with data analytics services that will help you in identifying the opportunities of tomorrow via making you answer the toughest business dilemmas today. Optimize your performance and always stay on the front foot, utilize the most advanced business models to reduce costs and squeeze out greater revenues. Data is the fuel for all the futuristic decisions you take to make your company stand out from the rest. It's crucial to continually analyze data analytics solutions to solve the discovered problems of tomorrow.

Data Analytics Services We Cater To

predictive-analysis predictive-analysis

Predictive Analysis

At Quokka Labs, we help you decode a recurring pattern with data analytics services that's worth taking notice of. Our predictive analysis process will uncover structured and unstructured data sets through data mining to anticipate your future business moves. Soon you will be able to predict not only the new opportunities but also take a calculative decision backed with data to increase revenue and reduce the probability of risks.

big-data-analytics big-data-analytics

Big Data Analytics Services

With a cluster of massive data all around you, we try to simplify it by incorporating big data analytics. This enables your data to make a lot more sense with proper analyzing, correcting, and making it visually paramount across maximum sources. With the help of our Big Data experts, transform data into easy-to-understand charts and graphs that reveal important information about your business in minutes!

database-management database-management

Database Management

You can promote your company's effectiveness by managing all of your disparate data with a database management solution. An action-oriented plan for collecting and retrieving your data is sometimes all that you need! An easy-to-manage and operable database management tool is integral for your business to get seamless and timely access to relevant information and reports from multiple data sources. DBMS is a fast way to get appropriate details at the right time to implement business strategies faster!

Why Choose Us?


Leverage data to plan your future

Not sure what your company's data says about the future? We can help you make sense of those numbers with metric-driven data analytics services. At Quokka Labs, we leverage a variety of data to plan your future. The power of analytics is real; make sure you harness it well! Let us seize any opportunity that comes your way with round-the-clock monitoring of your business and use applicable data to help you achieve your goals.


Numerical analysis to break complex problems

At Quokka Labs, we use data-driven insights and analytics to help you identify the gaps you have been missing for a long time now. A thorough extraction of your prevalent data would be organized in chronological order for better interpretation by our specialists thereby presenting it in an absorbable format with our data analytics services.


Quality research to guide difficult decisions

With extensive research, you can expect a detailed presentation about measures to take and eliminate for a new product development opportunity you can seize right away—all of this in consideration with the current and latest market insights and trends.

Roadmap QL Follow To Make Your Unprocessed Data Functional


Research is typically the first stage of the project where our in-house analysts help you uncover issues that are causing problems or obstacles. The purpose of this first stage is to provide a background understanding of the business and to identify its key challenges, objectives, and constraints. The first thing our in-house analysts focus on is how to increase efficiency, effectiveness, scalability, and productivity? After the researchers have done their bit, we discuss their findings in greater detail to tailor them according to your needs and requirements.


The next stage is more of a problem-solving phase where QL data analysts help a business determine a data strategy. Our data analyst will work with you to determine what kind of data is needed then figure out how that data can be collected? The analyst will then be assisting you in preparing that data for use and finally help in selecting which analytical methods to apply?


Up next comes the execution stage. In this stage, QL analysts work with the management to monitor and analyze data from various perspectives. Based on their findings, they can make informed decisions about how to begin formulating a strategy that will help their business succeed? Here you can actually see your raw data coming to life with real potential to add value in the coming years for your business. This whole process is about synthesizing these numbers and sharing your analysis with management.


In the last stage, also called the evaluation phase, our goal is to evaluate whether these processes are working as effectively as they can for you!! And if not, QuokkaLabs will figure out suitable alternatives. This stage helps in learning, revising future strategies and processes, which are taken care of by our data analytics experts and the management collectively.

Data Analytics for the Industries

Real Estate
Media & Entertainment

The Real Estate industry is dealing with the constant pressure of unstable trends of debts and finances. With Data analytics consulting offered by the in-house experts of Quokka Labs, a majority of real estate investors will be able to shake hands with the evidence-based workflows of Big Data which will, in return, be helping them in reaching a conclusion in accordance with the changing market trends. Evidently, our experts never lag behind in examining the industry-specific requirements and fulfilling all of them through the assistance of tools, software(s) somewhere encouraging investors to make more profit-oriented investments.


The Education sector since the first wave of the pandemic is demanding refinements in learning methods for facilitating students of schools and universities with an overall development in terms of skills and personality. Data analytics services that QL offers will exponentially be welcoming opportunities in a limitless manner thus assisting education beneficiaries with up-to-date learning methodologies. Thereafter, newer study fields may generate more valuable information with the reinforcement of operationally effective data analytic tools. This will be motivating students and faculty members to adapt well to the changing teaching trends and go for a better future.


A sudden rise in health-related diseases is desperately demanding a higher cost-of-care from the healthcare sector. Quokka Labs with its modernized and data-rich analytical tools will give a completely different perspective to healthcare professionals for dealing better with the rising healthcare standards. Indistinguishably, driving confidently the improvements via Data analytics solution(s) that our in-house researchers will identify is impactful in terms of bringing groundbreaking innovation and later, welcoming prosperous health at minimized costs through our reimagined healthcare solutions.


Countless media and entertainment companies are ready to rediscover an era where the acceptance of data-centric models can helpfully understand the sentiments of the target audience and in return, create content that is more personalized. Data analytics consulting that QL data analysts deliver in real-time will be unleashing for sure the true emotions of the audience with the help of reignited analytic tools. This will potentially extract customer loyalty, brand awareness, and hence, guide media & entertainment experts to set up/ add a whole new equation along with giving unforgettably a business-oriented competitive edge.


The manufacturing sector is the intersection point of tools, labor, and other chemical formulas which in this third layer of this unexpected pandemic is facing disappointments while streamlining the quantity and quality of manufactured products at varying production levels. Data analytics solution that researchers of Quokka Labs produce will be for sure targeting those bottleneck variables thereby helping manufacturers, logistics supervisors utilize the manufacturing equipment(s) wisely and reinvent their production strategies whose results aren’t deviated by human-based errors.


Data Analytics Technologies

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