Nrivesh brings together NRIs and Indian realtors on it’s powerful platform and devices an easy way to evaluate, buy, sell or rent properties of different types and sizes.

Quokka Labs brought together a client-specific property approach to deal with NRIs of different countries having various types of properties in India and have an interest in trading with reliable knowledge and efficiency.


Multi-Property Support

Dealing with Residential, Agriculture and Commercial Land & Building category properties separately.

Proper Valuation

Easy retrieval and evaluation of stored property information from the database to generate a perfect estimation of the assets.

Realtor Allocation

Fetching trustable realtors having knowledge and services in the location.

Client-Realtor Connectivity

Facilitating one-to-one communication channels between the NRI client and the realtor.

Client Privacy Concerns

Noting that many clients do not want to expose their property information to a distant realtor, privacy issues had to be guarded.

Re-Investment Policies

Aid client’s decision making by giving him the best re-investment related services for capital gains, legal services and property market tutorials.



Smooth Onboarding

Realtors are signed-up similarly with their contacts and areas of service.

The realtor profile features the client’s rating as well for better experience.

NRI clients are registered with their residential country and email contacts.

The portfolio is then prepared by adding upto 4 assets/properties in India.


Property Detailing

The client has to just fill-up information regarding their property details:

  • Ownership and Availability

  • Construction Age

  • Amenities like swimming pool, security, water supply etc.

  • Elaborate Detailing

From the location address, a map is automatically generated for better visualisation.

Details are segmented according to properties like a residency that includes beds and bathrooms (eg. 3 BHK) while commercial lands will have nearby businesses.


Accurate Property Valuation

Instant valuation on all residential properties (commercial/ industrial and agricultural valued separately).

Valuation based on their property details which may get updated with market value.

Client is immediately directed to further steps:

  • Go to Tutorial

  • Chat to Realtor


Chat to Realtor: Real-Time Assistance

RERA and Crisil accredited realtors listing in the area of client’s property.

For more than 1 realtor serving in the same location, allocation is programmed in a random fashion. Client gets to see realtor profiles which have the stars too.

Before chatting, the client may/mayn’t permit disclosure of property info to the realtor: safeguarding user privacy concerns.

Clients have to fill a feedback form so that the realtor’s interaction can be rated.


Go to Tutorial: A Trustworthy Experience

Tutorial page provides the client with important info regarding the property market in India.

Also includes a re-investment guide for capital gains,and legal services.

This service includes:

  • Eligibility Criteria

  • Documents required

  • Key Topics of interest

  • Pro Tips for better gains


Add-on: Legal Services

Property issues often involve major legal procedures, and now this can also be seeked within NRivesh.

Partnered with a highly trusted legal service firm, clients are exposed to invaluable property related legal information.

The services include:

  • Buy, Sell and Transfer of Properties

  • Possession and Succession Certificates

  • Possession Disputes and Tax Matters

  • Property Valuation and Partition Issues



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