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Reasons why Real Estate Agents Should Own a Website – Quokka Labs

Digitizing your business isn’t a luxury, it’s indeed a necessity. The power of a strong web presence cannot and should not be undermined. Owning a real estate business without a professional-looking website does not quite fit. In an age, where visuals either make or break impressions, how can a business survive without displaying the best foot forward? 

As a broker, realtor, or even a real estate agent, your negotiation skills can be top-notch, selling tactics can be extraordinary and you may be great at dealing with people, however, how are you going to prove that without having to meet in person with all your potential clients and customers? That is exactly why the online presence for your real estate business efforts should speak louder than words. 

The internet is believed to have opened a whole lot of avenues for every sort of business owner. However, if you are not a believer of the said fact, you are letting go of a handful of leads and opportunities for sales that draw profits. As a business, creating a pull strategy should be your utmost priority. 

Here are the top 6 benefits of building a robust website for your real estate business:-

1. Better The Property Listing, Better The Chance For A Final Housing Purchase

Property Listings

According to a survey conducted by transaction, 85 Percent of consumers prefer to conduct online research before making a purchase online. This data certainly assures us that any potential customer skims and scrutinizes a website thoroughly, relies on the information that is put online, and only then initiates the final acquisition. With renting, purchasing, and selling, it tends to become even more stringent.

An elaborated real estate website’s homepage ensures a great user experience if it has these elements to it:- 

i) search bar that lets the user find and filter properties, making their house hunt specific and relevant

ii) saved search histories to help you redirect to the filters you once had chosen without having to memorize them

iii) get customized notifications that exactly sync with your property listing matches

People make use of Google searches almost every minute to find anything ranging from pin to plane. It’s a no-bummer that internet searches are surging and any information is merely a click away. It only makes sense to show up on your target audience’s google searches if they look for a property to sell, rent or avail. As a business enterprise, it’s a business’s responsibility to make their search worthwhile.

2. Real Estate Website With Authentic Pictures Of The Property Builds A Foundation Of Trust

Property Advertising

A sturdy website oozes professionalism when one strives to keep the reputation of the business intact. The better the quality of the website, the greater the sense of satisfaction among your potential clients. 

Including appropriate pictures of the real estate property, matching descriptions, ability to perform a seamless search, working phone numbers and emails, uncomplicated run of the website are a few of the strands which affirm that your website is secure and trustworthy. 

Few tips to keep in mind while including pictures on your real estate website:- 

i) It’s advisable to make use of the HD quality images to display the beauty of the property

ii) Make sure the links to the images are easily shareable through platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Linkedin, and even Pinterest

iii) Never leave a property listing without having a textual description to it

Pro tip: Consider including nearby services and landmark listing for enriched user experience

3. Advertising Of Real Estate Properties Increases The Scope For Fair Competition

Property Listing Images

When you have a website to back your business up, you dwell in a safe territory similar to that of your competitors. The biting reality of owning a business is that it already exists and is dominated by a market player. However, it shouldn’t matter to you even as a beginner, because no one needs to know it. 

You can leverage a real estate website for advertising purposes which works similar to how a Google Ads account would work. 

Any new entrant real estate business looks like a business that has been running for the longest time when the website has everything similar to that of its competitors. It has got all the elements of a fully functional and competent site which comprises map-based searches, dashboard analytics, a duly crafted mobile app, and advertisements running throughout when you scroll. 

This is what the essence of a sweeping website is – it does not make you perceive as a rookie and ensures fair competition.

4. Having A Mobile App For Any Business Ensures An Increase In Customer Satisfaction Rate

Mobile App For Real Estate Owners

People want to be in constant touch or at least like to possess the ability to reach out to the brokers or realtors by adopting any communication channel they feel the most comfortable in. It can be via chatbots on the real estate web, email, or even direct phone calls related to initiating end-to-end procurement of the property. 

To support this, any business that has a mobile application that works efficiently on iOS and Android devices makes lives easier for the buyers. The flexibility and portability the cell phones bring into the lives of the people have a huge impact, this works as an opportunity for any business out there.

For you as an operator of a real estate business, having a mobile app or even a website for that matter creates an option for you to run sponsored ads onto your app through which you can earn passive income

The better the options available with your potential customers for efficient communication, the loftier the rate goes up for customer satisfaction.

5. The Ease Of Real Estate Payment Methods Makes It A “GO-TO” Platform For Young Property Buyers and Sellers

Property Online Payments

The millennials and GenY are actively eyeing their options to invest in real estate and indulge in buying, selling, and even renting out properties without having to have second thoughts about it. The online, as well as the traditional marketers, are paving their way towards trying to target the younger demographics to increase their sales volumes. 

One primary reason why people prefer to go through the online route of dealing in real estate is its hassle-free way of initiating monetary transactions. 

Few pros of having seamless financing and payment option on the apps and website are:-

i) EMI and loans can be easily claimed within THM finance for required property acquisition

ii) Users can calculate monthly/yearly installments with fields like down payment, interest rate, and loan duration.

iii) Armed with payment integration, the user can pay as well as generate an invoice of the transaction

A recent survey conducted by Google brought light to the fact that “Millennial real estate web usage grew 30% from May 2013 to July 2014, and millennial real estate mobile usage grew 81% over the same period”, according to an analysis by Smoke of comScore Media-Metrix data.

6. A Robust Built Real Estate Website Is Self Explanatory And Approachable By Potential Customers

Property Features

Gone are the days when the preliminary discussions of the properties happened over a formal meeting. The hassle-free way of raising an inquiry, filling the form, getting in touch with the broker/realtor/agent, making the booking amount, and finally closing the deal, all happens over the website. 

In addition to this, the modern real estate websites lay a dashboard that works real-time that reflects:-

i) Your active and favorite property listings at a glance

ii) Views and enquiries for prompt actions

iii) Enquiries labeled as “Pending” and “Answered” for clarity

As far as the information is concerned, a comprehensive site anyways is infused with all the prerequisites criteria that make it a robust website and takes care of the property management side of it. 

To Sum It Up

These are the only and the most crucial reasons you need to look out for if you deal in a competitive industry like real estate. 

Are you an agent, broker, realtor? Looking to put up a great website together that wows your house hunters?

If yes, you may take a moment to explore us for your website and mobile app development needs, we bet you won’t be disappointed!