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Our React Native App Development Approach

We follow a tried and tested React Native app development approach that guarantees success. We start by analyzing your requirements and defining the scope of the project. Then, we create an engaging UI/UX design, followed by development and thorough testing to ensure high-quality output. Finally, we deploy and maintain the app to ensure it meets your expectations.

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Benefits Of React Native App Development

React Native app Development offers various benefits by boosting productivity and reducing development time.


Code Reusability

The code can be reused between the two platforms, which helps increase development speed and efficiency.


Native Look and Feel

It combines the building blocks from the native user interface with its JavaScript; it gives a native-like appearance.


Cross-Platform Compatibility

React Native allows developers to build apps that work on iOS and Android platforms, reducing development costs and time.


UI Focused

It has excellent rendering abilities and uses a component-based approach, making it easy to create UI designs.



The code is reusable, and many pre-built components in React Native help you save development costs.


Third-Party Plugins

React Native offers several third-party plugin options, including JavaScript-based and native modules.

Our Services

Minimize your development time and take advantage of React's UI component by availing of our react development services. Offer efficiency while building iOS and android components using the react native framework.

React Native App Development

We specialize in React Native app development, building top-quality mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. Our expert team uses the latest tools and technologies to create unique native experiences that meet your business needs. Contact us to learn more about our React Native app development services.

React Native Code Auditing

We offer React Native code auditing to ensure the quality of your app's codebase. Our expert team thoroughly analyzes your code, identifies any issues or inefficiencies, and provides recommendations to improve your app's performance, scalability, and security. Contact us to learn how our code auditing can help optimize your React Native app.

React Native MVP Development

By leveraging our React Native development process, we expedite the release of your ideas to the market. We aid you in testing your app by creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which is much easier to execute using React. Developing an MVP allows you to obtain customer validation and refine a specific product iteratively.

React Native Migration

We specialize in migrating existing iOS or Android applications to React Native. Our React Native mobile app development company employs deployment experts who ensure your app's performance remains flawless and free of glitches for your users.

React Native Support & Maintenance

We offer comprehensive React Native support and maintenance services to ensure your app is always up-to-date, secure, and optimized for performance. Our expert team provides ongoing support to keep your app running smoothly, including bug fixes, updates, and improvements. Contact us to learn more about our React Native support and maintenance services.

React Native iOS App Development

We specialize in React Native iOS app development, creating engaging and high-quality apps for Apple's iOS platform. Our expert team uses the latest tools and technologies to deliver native-like experiences that captivate your audience. Reach us to learn more about our React Native iOS app development services.

Our Process

Our react native developers offer on-time solutions from app development and customization to consultation per your project's requirements.

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Here’s a Collection of our Prime Projects

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

MNRE Street Light

MNRE Street Lighting App is a mobile and web platform assisting the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy in the effective implementation and tracking of solar street lights installed across India



Quiklee is designed to be the one-stop trivia app suitable for the people of all age groups enthusiast in increasing their logical and cognitive skills.

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React Native is a JavaScript-based framework for building mobile applications across different platforms. Its primary concept is to create multiplatform UI components with JSX linked to native code and converted into Android and iOS views.

Indeed, it relies on your prerequisites; mobile applications can be grown quicker utilizing react because a similar code can be used for the two stages, which eventually assists us with saving improvement time. It is a roundabout way that empowers you to keep a lot of cash.

React Native development is brilliant for most applications that depend vigorously on the UI because, with little exertion, we can get the UI to chip away at the two iOS and Android. Furthermore, in particular, we can share the business rationale. Aside from these advantages, React Native proposes a flexbox for design, which works similarly on iOS, Android, and the web.

React Native mobile app development allows developers to build apps that work seamlessly on iOS and Android platforms, saving time and resources. With React Native's hot-reloading feature, developers can see real-time changes, accelerating development. Also, developers can reuse code across different platforms, reducing development time and costs. React Native's architecture enables smooth animations and faster load times, resulting in better app performance.

The time it takes to build a React Native app depends on several factors, including the app's complexity, the features required, the experience of the development team, and the development approach used. A simple React Native app with basic features can take a few weeks to develop, while a more complex app with advanced functionality can take several months or even years.

React Native is a popular technology for mobile app development, but creating a high-quality app requires specialized knowledge and experience. Hiring a React Native development company can provide a team of skilled developers who are experts in this technology. It can result in more efficient and effective development, saving the client time and money. Outsourcing app development also allows the client to focus on their core competencies while the development company focuses on creating the app.

Developing a React Native app involves gathering requirements, design, development, testing, deployment, and ongoing maintenance. The development team gathers client requirements, creates wireframes and prototypes, and writes the code, integrating necessary APIs and third-party services. The app undergoes thorough testing before deployment to ensure it is free of bugs and errors. After deployment, the app requires ongoing maintenance and support, including bug fixes and updates.


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What our Clients have to say About us


I can very honestly recommend the company without any "buts". There are a few important, and I would say, unique features of the team - they know how to listen, they understand what they hear, they are capable to plan the work, they do the work on time with flying colors. And moreover, they are gentle, nice people, it is just nice to be with them. I worked with the company for around 3 years, and we developed useful products for Government of India, managing major programmes for implementing renewable energy projects. I was a Team Leader of the project EU India Technical Cooperation Project: Energy.

Marek Zaborowski

Marek Zaborowski-

Team Leader- EU India Technical Cooperation: Energy


What impressed me most is their understanding of the exact requirements, and we’re very sure with the right solutions they quickly respond to for fulfilling those. Our discussions with them helped us refine our concept node..


Mrinal Madas-

Consultant EU India Technical Cooperation: Energy


Their willingness to adapt to a moving target was outstanding. We had to make changes halfway through the project. Sunny and Sanchit will go to any end to find project solutions overseas.


John Eades

CEO learnloft


If you need a team that reflects excellence in its project management, then Quokka Labs is it. The inconsistencies they pointed out till the project's success couldn’t have been better. And this is what makes them stronger and reliable as a competition.


Nick Grissom

Get the Joint LLC


The team delivered a stable app ahead with increased uptimes, communicating effectively with the internal team. Quokka Labs treated/tackled the project problems as if they were their own. They endeavored to improve features and always keep the end-users in mind.


Faisal Mahmod

Founder RadioBuzz


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Make the most out of people’s desire to interact with more people through social media channels, profile sharing, group chats, location & preference based matching and a lot more!

A one-stop mobile app to start your journey: from picking up local riders and locating exclusive hotel & restaurant offers from multiple sites to filtering best travel routes using Google Maps.

Uninterrupted session monitoring and personalised subscription plans for providing users with more detailed analysis of your fitness, suggesting best exercises to complete your goal.

High quality virtual reality tour of your favourite destinations both domestic and abroad with roadmaps and tourism info like nearby spots, travel-mates, weather, hotels availability.

Recognising LGBTQ people and connecting them with like-minded matches, developing a comfortable platform for more interesting features like labeling, tagging, community talks, blogs and many more.

Recognising LGBTQ people and connecting them with like-minded matches, developing a comfortable platform for more interesting features like labeling, tagging, community talks, blogs and many more.

Recognising LGBTQ people and connecting them with like-minded matches, developing a comfortable platform for more interesting features like labeling, tagging, community talks, blogs and many more.

Recognising LGBTQ people and connecting them with like-minded matches, developing a comfortable platform for more interesting features like labeling, tagging, community talks, blogs and many more.

Recognising LGBTQ people and connecting them with like-minded matches, developing a comfortable platform for more interesting features like labeling, tagging, community talks, blogs and many more.

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