How to Hire React Developer: A Step-by-Step Guide

React JS will be the most in-demand web framework in the upcoming years, with 40.41% of software developers globally indicating they use it to develop web applications. This has led to an increase in React JS developers’ demand and, correspondingly, their salaries.


By Vinamra Singh

27 Oct, 2022

React is the concept or technology that has made mobile & web applications more flexible, reliable, and robust. Due to this, a fantastic spike in demand for React Developer occurred suddenly. React Developers are currently in high demand by corporates and business organizations. Even with the rising popularity of JavaScript React developers, companies still face difficulty hiring the perfect candidate.

In March 2022, there was a surprising jump of 180% in ReactJS job positions. As per stats, React is the well-known framework of JavaScript. This framework uses colossal industries like _Uber, Netflix, Instagram, BBC, Twitter, Airbnb, etc. Presently 10000+ industries are accepting this framework. Hring React Developers who have been rising manifold over continuous years. Hence, organizations need to inspect various characteristics, skills, attributes, and knowledge hiring an app developer. It may seem tedious, but we are here to simplify this task.

Who Is A React Developer?

React Developers are skillful technical experts who create UI (User Interface) designs and components to enhance an application. They are responsible for elevating the user interface experience. They make an application or feature seamless and perfect.

React Developers are experts in coding languages like HTML, CSS, TypeScript, C#, SASS, LESS, etc. They create dazzling graphics for a better look and feel of an application. You can hire React native app developers who update and level up your skills with changing markets/business demands to fit into the corporate world.

Why Choose React Developers?

Why Choose React Developers

React prioritizes dynamic experiences, which makes it stand out as an ideal choice if user experience (UX) is something you value. The ability to quickly deploy dynamic user interfaces that consider both the end user and developers making React a well-rounded choice for powering your front-end development.

As of today, React, both pioneer companies and innovative startups, use Developers. It provides the most lively user experience and helps save resources; hence companies find it essential in their businesses, whether old or new.

What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of a React Developer?

React Developers are front-end JavaScript developers responsible for creating and maintaining UIs for web apps and websites. Front-end development describes software development that affects what the user sees and interacts with.

On the more technical side, front-end developers oversee purely functional items related to UIs, like buttons, scroll bars, text boxes, etc. To do this, React Developers need experience programming functionality into the UIs they build.

The first step in hiring a React Developer is ensuring your potential hires have a proficient grasp of React and what's required for front-end development in general.

The day-to-day activities of a React Developer can be pretty diverse. Here's a snippet of what you might expect from a React Developer:

  • Developing responsive, interactive technology for dynamic web pages such as menu buttons, online forms, gesture-driven actions, etc.
  • Testing and debugging interface software before the application goes live.
  • Working with the client to better understand how to manifest their vision for the app via software development.
  • Consulting with Back end developers to ensure that collaborative user-facing and server-side interactions run without error.

What To Look For in A React Developer?

There are a few key things to consider when hiring React Developers.

  • Firstly, ensure they understand React itself well, i.e., they should be able to explain how it works and can be used to build user interfaces.

  • Later on, ensure they have a good understanding of JavaScript. It is essential because React is built on top of JavaScript, so a good React Developer must be able to write good code in JavaScript.

  • Finally, you want to ensure they understand HTML and CSS well. It is vital because how React components are written is similar to how HTML and CSS are written. So if a developer doesn't understand HTML and CSS well, they will likely have trouble understanding React components.

Finally, you want to ensure that while hiring React Developers, candidates have a good attitude and are easy to work with. It is essential because you'll work closely with the developer, so you must get along well.

Skills to Find in a React Developer

There are specific skills you need to identify in a React Developer. These skills and abilities are essentials to qualify as a capable React Developer.


React Developer frameworks are generally associated with a javascript language. Therefore, React Developers need in-depth knowledge of JavaScript fundamentals to make ideal frameworks. ES6, also called ECMA Script, is an upgraded version of javascript with more features and functions. ES6 knowledge is beneficial in the current scenario.


To design an excellent UI, a React Developer should have strong expertise in HTML and CSS coding languages. He should be able to write and understand HTML tags, CSS selectors, and flexbox system frameworks. He should know how to implement CSS reset as well.


This skill is used for tracking application progress and storing projects. A React Developer must save and upload his programming on solutions like GitHub and GitLab. He should also know ideas of merging strategies, branching, and managing merge conflicts.

Note: The degree of skills varies in the experience and developer level. So better judge on relevant skills and as per your business requirements.

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Types of React Developers

1. Full-Time Developers

These developers are hired long-term on a contractual or permanent (full-time) basis. They have managed heavy projects for the organization over the years and know how to handle the issue that occurs suddenly.

2. Remote Developers

These developers work remotely from their homes without arriving on office premises. They also can't be bound into a contract/agreement. They only have to complete the needs on time as per requirements.

3. Freelancers

These developers work and outsource their skills for a specific project and small-scale collaboration. They are hired on a short-term basis with a salary based on mutual offering.

From Where To Hire React Developers?

There are various ways to hire the best React Developers, such as:

  • You can post these job requirements on your website. Candidates can easily apply for jobs on your web portal.
  • Advertisements or job vacancies on platforms like, Linkedin,, and other online job portals increase your reach.
  • You can also post vacancies on social media platforms. Instagram posts, Facebook ads, LinkedIn job profiles, Twitter, etc., are popular ways to find perfect candidates.
  • Freelancer websites such as Toptal and Upwork are the hub of talented and qualified freelance professionals. You can easily find and hire freelancers for immediate short-term projects at low costs.

Cost To Hire React Developers

The cost of hiring React Developer varies country-wise. Let's understand the different recruiting models that help you know the cost of hiring React Developer.

Dedicated Team Model

The dedicated team model helps organizations that require the team to work for a more extended period, i.e., hiring experienced developers. In this dedicated team model, you can choose the count of developers you want in your team that helps you complete product development.

This development best suits the organization with special requirements and features in their application development. Various organizations provide the best React development support with a highly skilled and experienced dedicated development team.

Fixed Price Model

The fixed price model is mainly used when you have a fixed budget, requirements, and deadline. This fixed-price model doesn't have any criteria for changing anything during development, as all requirements are predefined before the development of React application. The fixed price model best suits the short-size project category and has no additional feature requirements in application development.

Note: The average hourly cost to hire React Developer at Quokka Labs is $20-$30. And depending on how skilled a developer you are hiring, the rate might vary.

Process For Hiring React Developers

Process For Hiring React Developers

Create a Job Description

Organizations must curate an In-depth job description for compassing the suitable candidates for our company. Any developer applying for the role should be able to identify their goals and responsibilities through this job description.

This job description must contain things such as-

  • Company details and overview.
  • Key roles and responsibilities in brief.
  • Educational qualifications are requirements.
  • Specific skills and expertise are required.
  • Expectations from developers and job requirements.
  • Company's visions and values.
  • Other extra criteria, if any!

Prepare a Mock Interview Test

Plan and prepare questions for the interview test. Embed vital and critical probing questions of all genres. The interview will give proper insights into the developer's overall personality.

This interview should aim to find out the following-

  • Personal skills
  • Communication skills
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Time management skills
  • Technical skills and field knowledge
  • Previous Company information & work checks
  • Problem-solving, conflict management, and deadline resolution skills.
  • Any other skills depending on company needs.

Screening and Portfolio Review

Channel and select the resumes base on soft/hard and technical skills. Additionally, try to prefer well-structured resumes. Look for the checklist and highlight distinct qualities. Such as-

  • Headline
  • Objective and Personal Description
  • Personal Information
  • Education Details
  • Work experiences
  • Self Ventures and projects.

Shortlist and Onboard

The final step is to handpick the best developers from the selected resumes and Infos. Based on the scores, reach out to the developers and welcome them to the team. You need to ensure a smooth onboarding process.

  • Complete every paperwork and legal compilations. Assist them in any form filling.
  • Sending them a Welcome Package. It provokes zeal in a new candidate.
  • Employ them with your company's interface tools, software, and limited access to their area of work
  • Signify the company's visions and culture through past videos and achievements.
  • Place them under a senior developer for guidance as they explore the work environment. The senior adds him to the various teams for building a network.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid In the Hiring Process

  • All the above steps must be done with proper concentration and regular inspection. Make sure to verify all details of your candidate multiple times.
  • Conducting pre-interviews can add efficiency to your process. Shorter phone interviews can eliminate some candidates before scheduling the rest as in-person meetings.
  • Hiring developers entirely based on resumes. Resumes can be fabricated at some percentage. A physical or Virtual interview is quintessential for the actual image. Evaluate experience tests.
  • Don't ask candidates to perform on-the-spot tasks. It puts undue pressure and creates a bad image.
  • Sometimes, seeking guidance on your hiring decision may be helpful. Other team managers may rely on certain soft skills or desire new employees to have specific knowledge.

Why Should You Hire React Developers From Us?

As an outsourcing app development company, we offer highly skilled React Developers for the job. We understand the industry requirement and provide professional solutions to fulfill your needs. Our React Developers are Experienced professionals who have worked with many modern technologies like React, AngularJS, etc.

Our developers work on all projects, including SaaS, Enterprise, & custom projects. At affordable rates, we offer the best React Developers for project development. And also provide 24×7 client support to deal with queries regarding your project development.

The Bottom Line

The demand and interest of React Developers are booming nonstop in the market. Where there are authentic developers, there additionally exist unskilled developers. Thus, having a thorough idea about who, what, why, and how you are hiring is crucial and critical.

Continuously complies with always abiding by the screening steps and tracking your developer's progress. Recall all essential tips and avoid common errors. Please, don't miss any factors on the checklist. Consider valuable experiences and do in-depth research on the candidate's capability. He is the right candidate for your role if you see him as an asset to your business.


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