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Swift Events App aims to automate the entire event organising process digitally on their single app to easily manage event lists, ticketing and audience in a smart way. This project is a part of a much larger Swift Digital organisation that is growing to become the largest marketing automation platform in the world.

Quokka Labs helped in pursuing such steps by taking the event organizing chain into an easy digital format: right from arranging a talk to ticket marketing in just a click to manage the whole process.

For whom is the app designed for?

The Swift Events application is built for Australian clients who want to organise any event physically which requires event management across different auditoriums, ticket issues and booking.

How can a client manage multiple events simultaneously?

The app lists the events registered by the client detailing the timings, serialisation of different sub-events, event venue and speakers in a systematic manner.

How is the ticketing automated?

The client arranges his spectators on this app which issues QR code based tickets that are reproducible at the counter for hardcopy printing.

What add-ons marketing tools are available?

The app also incorporates Email Marketing and online survey training services as part of it’s broad spectrum of usability.

How can the client add his invitee?

The client is provided an “Add Registrant” page where he adds the invitee name, contact no. email address and the event they are invited to.

What flexibilities are offered in this app?

  • The client can set the attendee size to a restricted number to unlimited
  • The client can set no. of guests per person (eg. Upto 5 guests per person)
  • Personalised emails and newsletters can be created which can sent by the organiser to the attendee and invitee.

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