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Project Overview

SHL is a global talent assessment and management solutions provider that helps organizations identify, select, develop, and manage top talent. They offer a wide range of assessment tools, technologies, and consulting services to help clients optimize their workforce & improve business performance.

The Challenge

The talent acquisition & management software encountered challenges in data management, complex workflows, user adoption, and security & privacy. Handling vast amounts of data from diverse sources, managing multiple data sets, encouraging user adoption, and ensuring data security were key concerns.

Our Solutions

Our solutions encompass robust security measures for data protection, data-driven analytics and reporting, cost-effective development through open-source software and cloud hosting, and enhanced user adoption via an intuitive interface and seamless integration with other HR tools. Obedience to data protection laws such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA further ensures the safety and privacy of sensitive information.

Speedy Solutions

Our aim is a concise and efficient approach to resolving challenges or achieving goals within a short time period. It emphasizes swift action, agility, and the ability to produce results quickly.

3 Weeks

Crafting the design

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Full App & Website development


During the SHL project, we faced these three challenges:

  • Data Management

    Talent acquisition & management software relies on large amounts of data, which must be accurately managed and stored. It was a significant challenge for us, as the data may come from various sources, and the software must effectively gather and share it.

  • The Complexity of Workflows

    The workflows can be complex, involving multiple data sets on the same platform. The software must accurately share and manage the data set and provide real-time data and analytics to enable effective decision-making.

  • User Adoption

    Building software is only part of the equation; the software must also be adopted and used by its intended users. Ensuring that the software is user-friendly, intuitive, and provides value to the end-users can be challenging.



Our project's implementation was a collaborative effort with educators for personalized test preparation, UX designers for an intuitive interface, and HR professionals for data-driven insights and realistic simulation, ensuring a comprehensive and effective talent acquisition and management solution.

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Take AMCAT Test

The AMCAT Test is a comprehensive employability assessment that evaluates job seekers' skills and abilities through adaptive questions. Employers benefit from a diverse pool of pre-screened, job-ready candidates, while job seekers increase their employability and access various career opportunities.

Strategy & Solutions

To achieve the goals, SHL focused on three core strategies:

  • Personalized Test Prep

    To support candidates in their journey, we offer personalized test preparation resources. Tailored to individual needs and roles, these resources prepare candidates with the essential knowledge and skills, ensuring a fair and effective assessment process.

  • Data-Driven Insights

    Our talent acquisition and management software provide valuable data-driven insights, empowering HR professionals to understand their workforce better. By analyzing performance metrics, engagement levels, and talent trends, organizations can proactively address challenges and capitalize on growth opportunities.

  • Realistic Simulation

    Through realistic simulation exercises, SHL software allows candidates to demonstrate their skills and capabilities in a simulated work environment. It enables organizations to accurately assess candidates' practical aptitude, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork dynamics.


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Swift Digital app features an online platform for end-to-end event management, covering invitations, reminders and free and paid ticketing. It enables suite users to seat and greet event participants quickly and easily.

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