Learnloft is a modern leadership development online platform that helps the management decide on maximizing their employee's strengths and improve on their weaknesses by backing it with quality leadership metrics and data.

Quokka Labs assisted in producing a seamless web experience via transforming complicated leadership metrics and data into a convenient-to-understand visual format




Centralized Reporting

With the help of centralized reporting, every leadership data, metrics, competencies, and assessments were systematically organized at one common destination. Separate tabs to keep track of each of the leadership functions within the organization became much easier.


Real-Time Metrics Tracker

With all of the data now assembled in one place, the metrics changed every time there was a movement in any of the employees or peer responses making the dashboard interactive. Once the employees and their peers go through every assessment and questionnaire on the platform, the data kept revising itself according to the numbers.

Key benefits:-

  • Easy to notify the candidates through reminders who did not take the test
  • Real-time accessibility of the progress and results
  • 360-degree feedback


Interactive & Sharable Dashboards

Every leadership segment consists of an intuitive dashboard of its own which displays all the textual results in a graphical presentation in the form of pie charts and bar graphs with suitable examples to support the results.

Key benefits:-

  • Leader dashboard to help view “At a glance” stats
  • A sharable link for your superiors to evaluate without signing up
  • Overview of other leaders’ performance in the organization
  • Your score across all the 18 core competencies available
  • Instant feedback after taking the tests without any time lag


Streamlined Onboarding Process

The onboarding procedure became swift with an adequate automated system to take care of onboarding formalities and multiple options to ease out the day-to-day tasks.

Key benefits:-

  • Carrying assessments and reports in huge sprints with the help of the bulk sending option
  • Simple and streamlined onboarding means for the leaders and all other stakeholders in bulk through CSV uploads
  • Saves time and efforts by reducing manual work


Immediate Feedback

After every assessment you take, a detailed report of your leadership style, qualities, strengths, and weaknesses gets generated in no time. Once you have the report with you, leadership sessions and counseling become more fruitful.



Responsive Mobile View

A responsive platform that ensures an aesthetically pleasing view on any device of any size for the users to maintain a pleasant user experience.


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