The Cutting-edge UI UX Design Trends in 2024: Reshaping the Future

It’s time to redefine the strategies to drive innovation and creativity, embracing the UI UX design trends of 2024. From minimalistic designs to immersive AR interfaces, VUI, empathy-centric design, and accessibility, this blog post guides you to thrive and get ahead of competitors. The convergence of aesthetics and functionality plays a vital role in boosting the visibility of apps and websites. Along with this, you must be updated with the latest trends in the industry. Reach out to our UI UX professionals to know more about the driving force behind the industry!

When we shop for anything from fruit to footwear to clothes, what attracts us is its color and design. The same thing is with app and website themes and design. An appealing and intuitive UI UX Design captivates the user’s attention. After being impressed with looks, users explore other product specifications and features.

As all other domains progress, how could UI UX stay behind to traverse new horizons? As we have entered 2024, UI UX professionals are investing time exploring and embracing the industry's latest trends to make the user experience more impressive. The blog post is about 2024 UX UI design trends.

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Top Trends to Watch: UI UX Design in the Mobile App Development Industry

Industries are evolving, so as technology, we have many options to create prototypes and wireframes to redefine user journeys and interactions. The cloud design landscape is poised with digital elements with the merging of AI and ML Services. Still, you can’t forget the basic design principles and thinking as they lie in the core. Beyond the appearance and feel design Below, this blog post covers the in-demand UI UX design trends in 2024.

UX Design Trends in Spotlight

UX Trends in Spotlight

Trend #1- Minimalistic and Uncluttered

Bombarding all the hues, color palettes, and elements may vanish the look and journeys. As it said, minimal is more; designers should only focus on using essential elements. It will make the interface look uncluttered and appealing with appropriate white spacing and typography. Delivering an intuitive, seamless experience adapting the UX UI Design Trends 2024.

Trend #2- Neumorphism & Glassmorphism

It's an evolving trend across the industry to use the micro-interaction element wisely with the perfect blend of light and shadow effects. The primary purpose of adapting this new trend is to enhance the depth of interaction for long-term events. It keeps everything smooth, less strenuous, and natural for long-term aesthetics.

Trend #3- Empathy-Centric Design

Designing the UI UX is better, keeping the user’s emotional well-being in the center. No matter how much technology evolves, emotional empathy drives the environment. In 2024, it's wise to design everything by understanding and analyzing users' psychological and emotional behavior. If the color schemes, animations, and elements can’t satisfy the user’s need or are unsuitable for connecting them on a personal emotional level. You wouldn’t get positive reactions. Thus, anticipate the evolving needs and emotional states to connect with the wide base audience.

Trend #4- Accessibility

There’s a part of users who are physically challenged to whom the businesses want to reach out. Along with design ethics, designers must pay attention to accessibility to earn the potential user base. If any business wants to tap the top position across the marketplace, designing custom, adaptable, and ethical digital experiences is not enough.

Designers must go the extra mile and focus on delivering the best user experience for the disabled user base. Digital lenses, AI pins, easy-to-read text, transcripts, navigational keyboards, audio inputs, and adjustable displays may better cater to user demand. To boost engagement and sales, focus on every vertex of the user base, establishing the balance with uniform compatibility and usability.

Trend #5- Dark Mode

Some users like to phone over the light theme and some on a dark theme. Thus, UI UX design services providers should adapt and implement both accessibilities. Users who face eye strain or have other visual sensitivity issues would like to use the app in dark mode. Beyond these issues, many good things are associated with the dark mode. It develops comfort and inclusivity and saves the phone power to drained.

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UI Design Trends in Spotlight

UI Trends in Spotlight

Trend #1- Personalized Adaptive UI

Users access the apps through different systems and devices. It all depends on their preferences and needs. A UI should be user-friendly and adaptive, with all screen sizes and layouts to engage users from all platforms. As we know, all software development companies embraced the cross-platform development trend. The objective is to increase the visits and downloads for websites and iOS and Android mobile applications per the user's need.

The trend of adaptive and cross-platform UI has successfully delivered a seamless, identical, consistent experience and raised the sales and revenue of businesses. To satisfy the evolving habits of users and improve the loading, it will be implemented in 2024. Furthermore, it will take designers' tools, giving them full control over essential resources, aesthetics, and functionality

Trend #2- Augmented Reality Interfaces

Be it shopping for clothes or furniture or taking a virtual tour of any property, it's all possible through AR technology. It has blended the experiences of both worlds, physical and digital. This technology is closely integrated with our camera and native apps to delight the users with a more immersive and captivating experience. Aspiring designers should learn the core ethics of implementing and designing AR interfaces to improve conversions, tractions, and engagement. Enhance the experiences balancing the UI UX Design Trends 2024.

Trend #3- Voice User Interfaces

Things seem easier with voice commands. If you’ve ever used Alexa, Google Voice Assistant, or Siri, you know how convenient it is to discover and explore without tapping a finger. Even on the Google search engine, we need to say, and it automatically generates the responses.

Now, to deliver a more engaging experience, Google is redefining the testing of the algorithm with voice search technology. The evolution of IoT and voice assistant-type devices has unlocked opportunities for the UI UX industry. In 2024, it will be one of the top trends influencing the UX/UI industry that involves integrating UI elements, voice commands, and clear feedback to give users a hassle-free and hands-free experience. It is predicted that in the upcoming 4 years till 2028, the CAGR will boost by 23.39%. It’s all because of AI and IoT integration, which will transform the experience across multiple vertices.

Although the road is not so simple due to an array of issues related to accuracy, privacy, and context impacts the user experience. Designers must understand the complexity and privacy measures to give a seamless experience across Android and iOS mobile applications.

Trend #4- Advanced Micro Interactions

In 2024, it is time to go beyond the visuals and drive engagement through advanced user interactions. Progress bars, slides, toggles, or icons add the essence of animation, delighting the user with context-specific responses and a personal touch. It's all about making the learning curve simple and comfortable per the environment; designers can focus on managing the visuals and dynamics, blending the real-time data, location, weather conditions, and adjusting noise and light background effects. Adapting all these things at the stage of UI UX design in mobile apps will make a positive impact.

Trend #4- Artificial Intelligence in UI UX Design

Although it’s not new, it has evolved. UI UX designers will use AI tools with relevant UX UI design trends in 2024 to get design suggestions and resources and accomplish the goals. It saves a lot of time and effort for UI UX designers and extends the extra time to prioritize the tasks. Additionally, it resolves the intricacies and boosts the creative intelligence of designers to navigate and implement beyond the basics.

Trend #5- Contactless Authentication

Remembering the combination of numbers and special characters is harder. Thus, the trend of frictionless/ contactless authorization takes a spot in the design and development. It protects the app or phone from unauthorized access and makes the user experience comfortable. From app onboarding to account privacy accessibility, UI UX designers are adapting biometric and other contactless methods. Normal passwords have been swapped with fingerprints, face recognition, pin codes, and 2FA. In 2024, we can expect a rise in this astonishing trend.


Technology and user needs constantly evolve, so UI/UX designers must evolve. They must monitor the trends and technologies to step ahead of the competitive software development companies. Additionally, a grasp on emotional and UI/UX design trends 2024, and technical design principles will shape future-centric intuitive design experiences. At Quokka Labs, designers hold the expertise on the latest design trends to layout the Startup UI/UX Design Success Strategies.

Contact us today to learn how Quokka Labs may help you reach your UI/UX design objectives by adapting to evolving trends.


How do designers initiate a UI UX Design in a Mobile App?

As we know, there are 5 to 7 phases in the mobile app or software development process. Generally, the client contacts over call or mail to know the idea. After that, stakeholders and clients have a discussion meeting to understand the project properly. Next, lay out the user persona, research about market and competitors, and design a prototype/ wireframe for the app.

What is the approximate cost of design for iOS mobile applications?

Each project idea has distinct needs and complexity levels. An iOS app planned to be designed with 3 screens and no animation or design elements will cost around $600. If the complexity level increases with a more stylish user journey, flashy animation, or 3D element, the client must spend around $5000 and above.

What is the approximate UI UX design cost for Android mobile applications?

Software development company UI UX professionals and freelancers' design services can vary. On major websites like Upwork, Fiverr designers are available at $50-$150/ per hour. Depending on the project size and requirements, the cost turns into thousands.

Are web design and UI/UX design the same thing?

Web design means the overall appearance of the websites. On the other hand, UI UX design is all about designing user journeys and interactions considering the design psychology and user behavior to make needful decisions.

What is the basic lifecycle of UX design?

A designer must craft an actionable plan before using any tools and technology to craft any mobile app's UX/ UI design. However, the life cycle of UI/UX design generally involves 5 steps: Requirement gathering, user and competitor research, design, implementation, and testing the design.

What are the frequently used tools by UI UX Design service providers?

To streamline the UX design process efficiently, UX designers can explore AI tools. Figma, Moqups, Framer, and Mockflow are the top trending design tools for completing the project.

What trends to include in Startup UI/UX Design Success Strategies?

A UI UX design with monochrome color hues should be clear, smooth, and minimal. Furthermore, prioritizing, micro-interactions, dark mode accessibility, 3D graphics, AR, motion and video elements, emotional touch with some glass effects, and shadow effects will make aesthetics look stunning.


UX Design Trends 2024

UI Design Trends 2024

UI/ UX Design Trends 2024

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