5 Great Ways CRM Can Benefit Your E-Retail Business

Looking to improve your e-retail business? Consider implementing a CRM system! Check out these 5 great ways a CRM can benefit your e-retail business, brought by Quokka Labs.


By Quokkalabs LLP

16 Jul, 2020

As an established e-retailer, how can you expect better turnover rates?

Maximum customer retention, brand loyalty, and profit-driven revenue growth. So, in this age of digital disruptions, keeping your market alive is almost impossible without adapting smart digital upgrades and tools to restructure your business model into future-secure growth.

One such digital implementation is CRM or Customer Relationship Management. CRM is a "one-stop set of business relationship empowerment tech putt consists of innovative, secure, and intelligent business development tools using customer databases, business intelligence, mobility technologies, and robust analytics.

CRM Advantages in Retail and E-commerce Platforms.

Customer Segmentation: Personalised Way

Put the right products to the right customers!

Yes, this logic may sound extremely novice, but wait!

The hurdles in understanding customer behavior grow with higher amounts of searches, buying history, the time they spent on each product, related reviews, and the list continue...

With proper data analyzing skills, this is a manageable part. To cater to each valuable consumer's different behavioral and demographic expectations and demands, you need a segmented data approach to deal with them.


A Segmented Approach helps in Remarketing your Products. For showcasing the right product, data segmentation shall help you target each consumer CRM using their likes and dislikes: CRM tools store your product information and its engagement with every visitor. They have a detailed mapping of various features, and their correlations are, e carried out internally, giving you a near-precise estimation of the viable product options to offer personalization.

Software Advice reports 74% of all CRM-using enterprises obtained "offered improved access to customer data," also, 61% of sales distributors claimed CRM allowed them easier access to critical customer information and data.

This way, you are already helping your customer filter their search content. Advanced methods imbibe real-time personalization of products: attaining better customer experience in a much shorter time.

Repeated Engagements: Multi-Channel Reminders

Heard about implicitly converting your visitors into actually buying your retail products? Yes, this is another exciting CRM software application for retail businesses. Your online users may search for a product, save it into an e-cart or wish list, and check it out: simply because they may plan to buy them later or wait for the prices to drop.

This problem is termed "Cart Abandonment," which costs e-retailers either for not converting them into potential consumers. Maynard, the average cart abandonment rate is a whopping 68.81%

By issuing requested push notifications and email alerts on their smartphones, you can earn back your user's interest in your products: either they will buy their selected items or will go on to explore more; either way, you are enjoying profit! Reminders cc, and include price alerts, new stock availability, expiring coupon codes, warranty renewal requests, and more! Personalized reminders can be generated using the data processed from segments in-built into the CRM software.

But be careful: this feature has to be used strategically depending on your user activity and acceptability, as too much dependence on reminders may get you an annoying experience. To optimize your reminder strategies, read our article on Push Notifiest Practices.

Responsive Social Media Integration

With the millennial population more closely connected on social media platforms, it's always the right decision to pay close attention to your presence here: this will improve your brand visibility and encourage more customer interactions digitally. Mobile shoppers who read product reviews on social media channels show conversion rates of up to 13, which represents billions of dollars worldwide. This is evident from the shift from “like” to “buy” buttons on Instagram’s Shoppable Feed, Pinterest's Buyable Pins, and 'Swipe Up' features to external links in many social platforms.


CRM software helps you address your client queries efficiently over social-media channels. Over 42% of consumers complaining on social media expect a 60-minute response time. These social-media interactions earn you organic loyalty and more extended business relations and hips without spending identifiers on outsourcing.

CRM in Payment Gateway

Setting up an in-app payment gateway is good but not personalize-dower for your business. The reason is: With Powerful Analytics Comes Powerful Growth! Yes. CRM helps you with powerful and accurate analytics to understand the changing buying options, preferences, and revenue segments and identify potential high-value consumers.

Such an intuitive insight gives you the above reminder rack and delivers a personalized customer experience. Payment gateway integrable CRM software plugins support 3rd party integration to align your business models with different buying options. Following the users' permissions, advanced features include automatic payment from the user account securely: this relieves the user from reminding himself to initiate payment manually.

Such customers feel "valued." and hence star Brandon" your brand: more frequent purchases, referring to their friends and family, following your business activities like new product launches, sales, etc.

Advanced Pipeline Management

Businesses often get challenged by future risks involving:

  • Sales growth or slump
  • Demographic trends
  • New business opportunities
  • Small brands exploCPUsns, etc.

Hence, CRM tools bring pipeline management systems that enable real-time trends and direct future sales strategies. More advanced CRM tools integrate multi-channel analysis factors that will allow segmented sales distributed monitoring of sales growth. Suppose you are a computer hardware company selling motherboards, boards, monitors, speakers, etc.

A single pipeline CRM software will report your sales of any one item at a time, independent of others' existence. But, in multi-channeled, You will understand segmented sales and functional correlations between 2 or more products. This will be immensely helpful in managing your assets to the next; it falls short during peak periods, nor do you lose money by storing items in bulk during lean periods. Implementing the CRM software gives you essential other regarding business intelligence: an increasingly persuading in Industry 4.0

The Bottom Line

Asking note of the turnover rates accelerated in reprises using CRM software; can be unanimously a critical business management tool that encourages your strategies. It's in-built flexible, allowing it to scale up to periodYou might consider working dynamically!

Whether marketing, sales growth, revenue analysis, or customer retention, CRM has automated processes efficiently, helping businesses forge better customer relationships and engagements. With this, we advise you to choose your CRM software wisely, as this way pays off incredibly in a short period. Good Luck!

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