Digital infrastructure is an incredibly booming niche. Especially today, thanks to the progression of mobile apps, web applications and websites in worldwide. If you are someone who has always harbored dreams of starting your own company, working independently on your own project, designing solutions to problems no-one else has the answer to, set up in a quiet workplace environment with freedom to work when you choose OR looking to transition into a career that offers more freedom than restrictions?  then consider UI/UX. The good news is that this place can give you all the answers you need!

Be it the lack of creative freedom, job satisfaction or an exciting career transition, anybody can get started with this field regardless of any biases of the work background or education.  If you feel out of place in your current career, want more job satisfaction from your daily tasks, or are interested in making a switch, then starting off as a UI/UX designer is exactly what you need!

Once you become proficient with UI/UX design, you closely work with developers, engineers and programmers for an overall success of the digital product. Any mobile app development company or web application development company requires collective efforts of the professionals to deliver the finest experience to their clients.

What Does UI/UX Design Career Comprises?

UI/UX design is undoubtedly one of the most satisfying careers that sets a perfect equilibrium between analytical and a creative mind.  It offers a room to rekindle every inch of your creative consciousness that can be fulfilled throughout the work you perform within this field. There are tons of opportunities and vacancies at ui ux design company, mobile development agencies and tech domains to help you get started.

It’s a career path that intends to satisfy your research, design, empathy, and observational skills that work in unison to produce the best digital products with the finest experiences for your users on a global level. 

Now take a moment and think about an app that you can swing by any hour of the day without getting tired of using it or looking at its interface and visuals! That’s the quality of accuracy that the UI/UX designers were able to pull off to make the product so enjoyable and lovable by masses!

Here are a few mandatory skills you need to be familiar with in order to make it as a successful UI/UX designer:-

i) UX Research Skills
ii) Collaboration
iii) Wireframing Tools
iv) Prototyping Tools
v) Visual Communication
vi) Typography design
vii) Interaction Design
viii) Analytical Skills
ix) Information Architecture

Tools you need to be familiar with (which will also you super productive) to ace it as a designer:-

i) Figma
ii) Adobe XD
iii) Photoshop
iv) Illustrator

How To Navigate What Journey Is The Best Fit For You? UI or UX?

UI and UX are two distinct design specializations that are often spoken of together but follow a completely different career route. Even if you become a part of any mobile app development company or web application development company, whenever any web application or mobile app is in the making, contributions of a UI/UX designer is always taken into account. 

UI or UI design for mobile talks about what you see upfront while UX is all about what you experience at the back end of any digital product. Even though there are professionals who nail both the categories with brilliance and take a more generalist approach, but specializing in either one of the two options is considered and taken up by a wide range of individuals too! 

But the question that might pop in your head is, how to make out which division you are most suited to? To decode that, let’s have a closer look at both of the design spheres.

Let’s Discuss UI Design

User Interface (UI) or UI design for mobile design comprises various aspects through which a person interacts with a device or a machine. It includes graphics, typography design, design components, content, outer layer, and primary interactions that a user has with a device. 

For example- what size and colours the buttons are, dropdown lists, checkboxes, tags, icons, toggle, search fields, etc. UI designers work on both hardware and software and their primary job is to design products in the most compelling way for a person to interact with a product or system.

Most UI design for mobile designers focus on the visual representation and typography design of an app or web page and how it will function.

Here’s what a sweeping UI design should capture to stand out:-

i) A good user interface should be pleasing to the user and easy to navigate. 

ii) It should be free from all the fluff, use commonly used digital gestures, and be encouraged to be customized. 

iii) Good design should provide users with a sense of control and freedom of choice, while still leading them to their ultimate goal. 

iv) Plus, it should be intuitive and encourage exploration. 

Because in the end, you call a design actually rewarding when it gives users a sense of pride and accomplishment when they use it.

Let’s Talk About UX Design

Simply put, if UI UX design services design makes the action more convenient to perform, the result is an example of a good UX design. Do you remember how difficult using ketchup used to be with the glass squirting bottles that were once available on the market? The unavailability of knowing how much consumers would get out of their purchase prompted some people to just give up on ketchup altogether. However, this was solved when someone developed a squeeze bottle that had more accurate measurements for each serving. This made enjoying meals with ketchup easier and more efficient. Good UX design can make processes less chaotic for users.

Similarly when it comes to digital products with best UI UX design services, focussing on user needs, understanding their pain points, and making best-fit solutions for the problem at hand needs immense attention. User Experience (UX) design can speak volumes when it comes to concluding an app as a disaster or a miracle! And the only determinant of this competition is how your end-users experience while using the app or website. So you can imagine what importance it holds in the design field and what responsibility it puts on any UX designer’s shoulder. 

So UXD is all about better engagement, easy communication, and seamless understanding that your end users get to experience through the interactive systems and prototyping tools. If a product accomplishes effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction, consider it a product everyone loves! UX design is a term used for a collective approach to usability and interaction design.

How to know if you are a good UX designer? In a nutshell:-

i) If design makes it easy to get all the information you need without being distracted or overwhelmed by extraneous content, 

ii) Accomplish your goal because of unclear instructions, unwelcome visuals, or otherwise interfere.

iii) Offers a better consumer experience both when it comes down to functionality.

So Then What’s Right For You?

It can be difficult to choose between UI and UX design. Both of these specialties depend on each other and can often work together to create great digital experiences. Both of these fields focus on user experience. UX design works on the digital end while UI design focuses on the user interface. UI requires your attention to detail, creating captivating and eye-catchy visuals, typography design, icons and selecting the right combo of colours etc. And on the other hand, UX designers should be top notch with familiarity in using prototyping tools, wireframing, information architecture that stands out. 

But to determine what’s the right direction for you to take, ask yourself this simple question. What excites you about this designer career and what would you like your major job responsibilities to revolve around in any UI UX design company?

Perhaps it’s that you’ll get to work with typography, colors, design shapes and graphics that people will see and appreciate or even app usability. Maybe you are curious about how to make apps more user-friendly so people can get the most out of them. Once you have the answer to this question, go for it!

To Sum It Up

If you are a business who would like to reconsider or re-evaluate their UI UX design services, build or revamp their mobile apps and web applications, do reach out to us! UI/UX Design makes your app attractive, engaging and user-friendly. Our UI/UX designers understand the clients’ needs and come up with a perfect solution. Professional UI/UX Design Services are only one step away with us! We do not believe in compromising on quality or deadlines. We deliver what you need or exceed your expectations. 

Quokka Labs is a  full-stack mobile app development company, web application development company and UI UX design company to take care of all your development needs with the best testing softwares and prototyping tools available in the industry. Our development team includes UI/UX designers, front-end and back-end app developers, project managers, etc to help you through the delivery of the project.

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