Getting a team ready & work on a project is often easier said than done!!

Thankfully, following a project management approach can help us organize & streamline the project into structured milestones & goals to deliver it successfully without stretching the project deadline.

When it comes to project management, there are many models out there. Lean, Agile, Waterfall, Six Sigma methods are just to name a few.

It is important to understand that different projects benefit from different methodologies. There’s no such thing as “one size fits all”

Every project manager knows the importance of selecting the right project management methodology to achieve the desired results as per the expectations.

While there are many models out there, “Agile” is the most commonly & popularly used methodology.

So here we are with another article covering:

  • What is an Agile Strategy?
  • How will becoming Agile benefit you?
  • Real-time practices for Agile
  • Why Agile?
  • Agile in Everyday life.

What is Agile Strategy?

Agile is a value-driven iterative approach for project management that will help you deliver the project to your customers as promised.

In this approach, project management will be taking place in several steps. They are iterative cycles where the management team will be involved in constant collaborations with the customer and taking a critique review from the stakeholders and other representatives at each cycle. Where the necessary changes will be made after each feedback and the product is produced again to the customer.

This methodology will help the management team to have a clear understanding of the customer’s requirements and expectations.

This will help your team to incorporate those feedbacks continuously and make necessary changes in time which will save resources, time, budget, and everything else.

Instead of following a linear approach, Agile will help you embrace the changes and re-evaluate the end product.

With few tweaks through Agile, you can increase the speed of development, achieve adaptability, expand collaborations, and ensure flexibility.


Agile Product Development Cycle Steps


Now we know what Agile is!

But we are human beings, we do only those things that benefit us.

Similarly, you will not practice Agile if you don’t know how it will benefit you. So if you are still not using Agile, you are in a minority and you have a possibility that your organization is in crisis!

Scroll down to know how using agile benefits you because only then you will start using it.

How Will Becoming Agile Benefit You?

Upgraded Quality

If you want to be your customer’s rockstar by delivering the best end product then the agile approach will help you achieve that.

In the agile framework, the project is broken down into manageable sprints which will be tested continuously after each cycle. This will help the team resolve the potential issues after each sprint. So you will be able to deliver a defect less end product to your client.

By taking advantage of automated tools, continuous integration, daily testing, organizing sprint retrospectives, and taking reviews after each iteration this proactive approach will help you embrace technological excellence and deliver the best end product!

Customer Engagement and Satisfaction

With the help of Agile the interaction and engagement between customers and developers increase. After each cycle or sprint, the customer’s feedback will be provided, this will indeed increase the collaboration and help the developer understand what the customers exactly need.

This constant engagement will help developers prioritize the requirements and provide them opportunities to give their best shot! After these review sessions, the bugs will be rectified and the final product will surely reach the client’s satisfaction.

This is also how the Agile approach has also helped us deliver high-quality end products.

Consequently, delivering quality products will in return gain clients loyalty toward your team.

So Agile means more projects!!

Budget Problem Check

While using traditional approaches you provide your clients with a predicted cost for the entire development which will make it harder for them to decide to go with your organization or not. But this problem has been solved by our ace player in the management game. You don’t know who that is? Oh, that Agile!


traditional approach vs agile approach for budget


Agile Cost Graph

Provided a particular budget for each sprint time-line the customer will have a better understanding of the amount that will be charged for each feature. So this will help the customer prioritize features of the product. Not just that this will also help the team to more readily work on those features to provide your firm with additional business value. So agile can completely change the cost curve.


With continuous interactions between clients and developers agile helps them work as collaborative peers. The frequent review session will help the client to keep track of the work that has been going on. This added advantage of transparency ensures that the customer can keep a pulse on the status of the project.

This transparency and engagement between both will help you avoid possible constraints that can go wrong. The development team will have a scope of changing the direction of the projects for new objectives to be included.

Rapid Delivery

Predicting when the project will be completed and ready to be delivered is almost impossible for management teams.

But impossible itself has a possible in it, for us at Quokka Labs, that possible is the AGILE Methodology.
With agile, you can always be one step ahead in the competition.

“Speed defines everything”

The breaking cycles or iterations will help you understand the customer’s complaints and provide you with the possibility of rectifying them ASAP. This will make sure that you can predict the timeline for each cycle easily and also deliver the end product in the specified timeline.

Team’s adaptability

After each iteration, the developer will get more familiar with what exactly the customer requires. So the developers will be able to vigorously adapt to the client’s business. This adaptability is the cornerstone of agile methodology.


Adaption is the key to success


This helps our team to be able to avoid overspending and acquire new skills which ultimately help us deliver the product within the deadline and eliminate all the possible errors that can be caused.

Defeating Risks

If you are taking up a project completing it at once and delivering it. What will you do if the customer doesn’t like it? Will you just let all your effort go in vain? We guess the answer will be NO! Agile is a method that will help you virtually avoid this.

With iterative review sessions, you will be able to implement all the changes the client needs then and there. You don’t have to wait until the end. Knowing the customer’s preferences you can avoid the risk of your project failure.

Now that you know how agile benefits you, this will make you want to use it with your team too. To do that there are a set of principles, you need to understand. Here they are

Real-time practices of AGILE

Together is strength

This is to all the teams that are practicing agile. You need to make sure that you are constantly contacting your clients, having conversations with them, trying to understand their vision for the product. Ally with the customers because you need to rely on each other throughout the journey.


Iterations are the soul of the Agile method. So make sure that you are following the divide and rule policy. With each iteration comes to new development, so break the entire project into manageable chunks and allot them to the representative teams.

Scrum Meetings

Scrum meetings are small and short meetings conducted daily where both clients and developers will be present. This meeting is conducted to identify what was done, the problems, the solutions, and what needs to be done.

Scrum Meeting Process

Classifying the Metrics

Agile is all about breaking the complex management structure into a simpler one. So you must analyze the cost and timeline for the project. This will help the client to prioritize his tasks.

Burndown Charts

Burndown charts are used to monitor work progress. They demonstrate how much work has been completed and how much of the work is still pending against time. It’s like a calendar of all the work events throughout the project. It reflects the potential risks and eliminates any scope of causing them.


Test-driven Development

While developing the project agile suggests your team run a functionality test which can help in identifying the scope for a possible error. So the team can modify these mistakes and make improvements in time.

Initiating Communication Guidelines

To make your project a milestone your team must have seamless communication with the clients.

They can be from any country, any state so you must have good communication with them.

This will not only help fasten the process of development but most importantly, you can deliver exactly what your client’s vision is within the expected timeline.

Project Backlog

The name itself says what’s it about. Project backlog is all about listing out the things during the project management process.

This will help your team and the client stays on the same page and eliminate any scope of failure.

Why Only AGILE?

We know with all the other models present you may have a question “ Why only Agile?” Well, we are here with an answer to that question. When it comes to project management two major things we all are worried about are money and time.

Agile has many benefits but the major two factors that helped Quokka Labs reach milestones are cost & time.

Agile offers you the best way to save your money and time but also deliver the best end project you can. How? Let’s see!

Agile for Budget Obstacles

As we know by now agile is all about iteration. With iteration cycles, all the problems can be eliminated in the initial stages. As you communicate with the customer at every step you will have a clear vision about their priorities, so there will be no extra features which mean no extra money. This saves a lot of your money.

That’s not just it. There’s more! Agile pretty much is a framework where the problems are rectified in the initial stages. So this can be the root of all your problems. Because greater time is taken to solve a project more of the money it costs.

Agile for Optimizing Time

Building a project may usually take 6 months or 4 months or more or less. But with agile, the time limit is all under your control. As the iterations take place timely it will take very little time to rollback and add new aspects or change the previous ones.

With all the frequent Q/A conducted between client and developer, it will make it very precise about what is required for the project. So this will help us save a lot of time and avoid waste of it going for things which are not necessary for the project.

If its other models you need to wait until the completion of the project to get customers to review and if they don’t like it then BOOM! You are in big trouble. You need to do it all over again which is a waste of both money and time and also efforts. So to save yourself from big trouble choose Agile which has a key feature called Iterations that will help you use your TIME and MONEY wisely.

Agile approach in your Everyday Life

If you think Agile is for only project management you are wrong. Agile can be a part of your day to day life too. These examples will inspire why you should choose agile for project management or about how it helps in project management.

Remodeling your house

For remodeling your house you need to have a look into time and money constraints. You need to prioritize which room needs to be remodeled first and follow and order for it.

Planning a wedding

While you are planning for a wedding you surely will hire a wedding planner. They will prioritize the events according to you and you will act as a client and constantly inform them about your requirements.

Agile for strategies

It may be your workplace or your home, you will always have to break bigger tasks into simpler ones and then organize them accordingly. For planning new strategies you should always look into all the constraints and take iteration of steps to decide that one which will help you ace your work.

Playing sports

Whenever you are playing sports there’s always a captain for the team who will plan everything for the team, take their suggestions, prioritize the training, and decide what’s best for the team.

Final Conclusion & How Quokka Labs can Help

Agile can be a potent methodology to achieve greater breakthroughs. With proper governance and a deeper understanding of the end-goals ensure that your project is in the right direction.

If you want to be better than your competition and be a step ahead in your A-game then choose Agile today for a better tomorrow.

At Quokka Labs, we love Agile!!

We conduct deep research and in-depth analysis of the project requirements to meet the client’s business goals, & break down the requirements into manageable milestones.

Now, It is everyone’s (Designers, Developers, Quality Assurance Engineers etc.) responsibility to manage the project milestones & work towards a common goal.

This way, the method has helped us deliver modern & robust technology solutions to our clients.

Thanks for reading the article!

Have a product idea in mind? Talk to our Business & Technology Consultants today & let us help you create a digital solution of the highest quality & stability.


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