Biogas Plant

MNRE Biogas is a first-of-its-kind scheme where consumers can apply for biogas installation digitally and have it installed through a system of MNRE monitored approvals and installations.


Quokka Labs, continuing on its green endeavor has brought out a multi-functionality web as well as an android portal app. This platform takes care of the official protocols and addresses their limitations by deploying inherently built smart problem-solving technologies.



Paper to Paperless

The entire procedure from consumer interest to final SIA approval was to be embedded in the digital portal.


Multi-Route Stakeholders

The web portal, as well as the android application, was to be built to cater to all the functional requirements within this program.


One-Stop Approval

Designing reliable systems to provide easy decision-making in the hierarchy, hence facilitating easy approval or corrections.


Maintenance Reminders

In line with established protocols, enabling maintenance checks at 6 months intervals as well as handling emergency complaints.


Online-Offline Supportive

Villages with zero or very weak internet access were also to be brought on this web portal for installation and inspection validity.

Technologies Employed

Our resourceful team goes to all sorts of technologies to imbibe the best experience supporting both: mobile as well as desktop applications.

  • PHP with Laravel framework for back-end and Web Applications
  • Various APIs for streamlining Web Services
  • Android Development on Kotlin and JAVA-based applications.


Accountability Through
Digital Stamp

Both installer/s, as well as inspector/s, are required to submit mobile-clicked photos of the biogas setup along with their own.

The photo submitted is automatically labeled with a built-in date and timestamp along with the location of the photo clicked.

This re-ensures that the installation, inspection, and maintenance have been performed by the concerned individual.


Project Status Approval

An assigned inspector can approve a project by entering the Project ID and confirming with just a click.

Subsequent approvals or declines at SIA and MNRE levels can be done by viewing the project report submitted by local agencies in the same portal.

Also status is easily visible under labels: Approved and Pending.

Corrections are also monitored by highlighting the project unless the installer re-submits the corrected model.


Offline Sync

While inspecting or installing in a remote area, users may experience various internet issues while uploading verification forms.

Hence, we have enabled offline syncing of the form which can be filled without the internet and is automatically uploaded to the server whenever the connection is resumed.

Thus, internet hurdles are smoothly handled with this facility.


Maintenance & Repair

The portal 24/7 complaint registration of consumers which is sent to the SIA team

The concerned installer is then directed to fix the issue and submit a verification form in the app.

Also, as per protocol, the biogas requires to be checked at least twice a year.

So, an automatic reminder is sent through push notification to the installer.

The status of each project is visible to the SIA team who can direct more directives through the built-in reminder feature.


Collaborative Functionality

Automatic application fill-up by retrieving info from databases filled by different stakeholders. eg: location by the consumer while modeling no. by the installer.

Portals are made secure by enabling segmented experience: each member of the hierarchy has separate logins.

Multi-channel support: application details entered from mobile are synced in web-portal and vice-versa.


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