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Which Mobile Apps can be an Alternate to Tik-Tok?

Looking for alternative mobile apps to TikTok? Explore various options that provide similar features such as short-form videos, music integration, and social sharing. Learn about the pros and cons of each app to choose the one that suits your needs and preferences.


By Quokkalabs LLP

16 Aug, 2021

Before TikTok was banned. Isn't it a crazy number? 120 Million is undoubtedly huge, and TikTok was a revolutionary video-sharing platform. It offered the best lip-syncing videos, dance memes, and short video creation services.

It also had impressive video editing features, an awesome library, and easy video sharing. But what is the use of being topped with a million downloads if you are not offering security to your users? There were serious flaws and vulnerabilities towards user data safety that made India ban the app.

Are you upset that you lost your followers? Is it making you sad that you can't make TikTok videos anymore? But you don't have to be! With the ban of TikTok, app developers got no chill. They started making mobile apps, web apps, media apps, and even modifying previous Mobile apps like Tik-Tok. They are similar, and some are even better than TikTok (in security issues). These Mobile apps like Tik-Tok offer you the same features TikTok did.

They are in-built with the effects, music library, filters, timer, and many more. Whether it be a transition video or lip-sync video or dance video, or singing video, these apps will make you feel safe and keep you entertained.

But it's hard to find out which Mobile apps like Tik-Tok have the potential to steal the show. So, we thought of giving you a little bit of an insightful tour!

Instagram Reels


Facebook surely knows how to choose perfect timing. With the ban of TikTok, Facebook introduced a new feature called 'REELS' on Instagram. The launch of reels on Instagram made all the potential TikTok users capture their moments just like they did with TikTok. Instagram reels are the perfect clone of TikTok.

With competitive advantages like extra filters and aligned features, Instagram has surely made a way into audiences' daily schedules. It is one of IG's similar features, but Reels comes with short videos, editing, music library, filters, effects, and many more. If you are a blogger, entertainer, or social media influencer, you should surely check it out.

Having to look at a feed and reels moving up and down together may be overwhelming in the beginning. Also, there isn't smooth navigation for reels but we are sure they will work on it soon!



Dubsmash is the first to make it to the mobile and web app development landscape to introduce the world to lip-sync and short video creation. But with the release of TikTok, people thought it was outdated. So Dubsmash rebuilt its empire from ashes and released a new and updated version into the market. Adding more advanced features and making it easy for users, Dubsmash surely stretched its limits.

Library, effects, filters, audiences may be common to other video creating platforms, but what sets Dubsmash apart is the critical remix option for your soundtrack. You can rap your audio clip with other video's audio and make it a new soundtrack. Isn't that cool? So if you are looking for something really fun and unique to post your videos to, the Dubsmash app definition has something for you in the bag.



To be extra secure, Funimate also has an age limit. Only people who are 13 and above can create and post videos. But there is no age limit for browsing the endless entertainment.

The only problem with this app would be the scope of creating slo-mo and transitions is not as smooth as the others. Maybe they are a work-in-progress.



Triller gives tough competition to the mobile app development company regarding social-video-creating apps. Many famous artists use triller like Wiz Khalifa, Mariah Carey, etc. This app lets you create your music videos in a fun and entertaining way.Choose a song, create a video and post it! It's as simple as that.

With new songs and a wide range of genres, triller lets you capture flawless videos. You can share it on the app or share them in various apps. Not just that, if you are looking to advertise your app, triller also offers a platform to do the same.

The only drawback of the thriller would be the dialogue soundtracks because they may not be available.



Chingari is a unique social media app in its way. The mobile and web app development company offers customization of videos per your liking. You can download, share and create videos and post them in your accounts. You can chat with people and share videos within the app itself. Offering a variety of features starting from 25+ effects, filters, timers, and a variety of songs, Chingari has received a huge audience response.

Like some other applications, Chingari also has a problem opening with some devices. But the developers said they would solve it soon.

[ Mitron ]


Mitron is another social stage where you can flaunt your video ideas. It offers similar features to other video platforms. You can create short videos and showcase your unique talents, whether it be dancing, singing, acting, or any other activity. With the ban of TikTok, Mitron has a large fan base.

With an easy-to-use interface and seamless video support, Mitron can be your best choice if you are looking for something to share videos. Post your videos and gain followers who will like and share your videos. It has various effects, filters, and music that will help you customize your videos.



Likee is a social media platform available in an efficient mobile app and web app for making short videos like no other. Driven by advanced AI features, this app will make you fall in love with it. It had explosive growth after 2018. Privacy concerns of this app are top-class. Why is it so popular? Through Likee, you can earn money!! By posting and getting likes and shares on your video, you will earn coins that will convert into money.





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