Top 6 Emerging Technologies in 2022

Stay ahead of the curve with the top 6 emerging technologies expected to shape our future. Learn about AI-driven automation, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Data and Analytics, and more. Make sure your business is ready for what's coming next.

2020 and 2021 have given us new technological goals and sparked a vision for research and development of existing technologies to make us future-ready. Tech experts and technology leaders are discussing and laying the roadmap for the role and application of emerging technologies in overcoming future challenges. Tech giants such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, and others are investing heavily and pushing the limits to find ways to stand firmly against future problems and make these technologies easily accessible to the end-user.

Keeping this in mind, here are some emerging technologies in the IT domain to learn in 2022 and keep ourselves up to date with the competitive environment. Whether an IT professional or a tech geek, you will enjoy each bite of the information presented here.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML):

AI is one of the first emerging technologies in 2022 that will revolutionize the world. At first, it seems impossible, but when integrated with Machine Learning, computational intelligence, natural language processing, and among others, it goes to a whole new level if you are willing to go in-depth.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

AI is the advanced version of human intelligence, whereas ML is its application. Machine Learning is all about making machines smart like humans. Meaning, giving computers/computer-operated machines cognitive abilities to think, act, sense, and comprehend like Humans. For example, Siri from Apple, Alexa from Amazon, and Google Now from Google. They all are virtual or digital assistants to help us search for any information on the Internet. Recently, Gartner Inc. forecasted that artificial intelligence services will generate USD 2.9 T of business value in 2021. If AI and human capabilities are combined, it will be immensely beneficial for companies/businesses and common users of such technologies.

Most Sought-After Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Technologies

  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Machine Learning, and other artificial intelligence services , and AI-based solutions such as intelligent chatbots, smart payment gateways, scan and detection

Machine learning And Artificial Intelligence Services Can Help You With

  • Personalized AI/Mobility Software Services
  • Fraud Detection
  • Video and Image Processing
  • AI-based Document Analysis
  • Business Intelligence and Text to Speech Services
Ideal Approach To Implement AI & ML Solutions
  • Robust Research
  • Detailed and impeccable design
  • Strong and Secure Development
  • Excellent Quality Testing and Analysis
  • Smooth Deployment
Widespread AI & ML Products
  • Interactive Chatbots
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Voice-Based AI Assistant
  • AI-based Process Automation -Image Processing Products
Real-World Applications of AI & ML
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Banking & Finance
  • Retail & E-Commerce

2. Cloud Computing

The cloud is a huge network of computers all over the globe with the feasibility of sharing and exchanging information. It consists of all sorts of cloud computing services such as AI & ML, Big Data, Web applications, the Internet of Things (IoT), etc. From availing online services such as binge-watching on Netflix and Amazon Prime or playing online games right at your fingertips to downloading and data storage, it is all possible because of cloud computing services.


Cloud Computing is one of the most popular emerging technologies in 2022 that will change how we utilize online services daily. The popular service providers for cloud computing are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, etc.

Cloud Computing Best Practices

  • AWS Mobile App Solutions
  • Server & Database Management
  • Business Model Integration
  • Application Development Services
  • Enterprise IT Solutions

Standard Procedure For Cloud Computing Solutions

  • Strategizing
  • Aligning, and
  • Managing
Cloud Computing Services Provider Can Help You With
  • Multi-Database Support
  • Competitive Pricing, and
  • Virtual Private Cloud.
  • Dedicated Management
  • Cloud-Native Capabilities
  • 24x7 Non-Interruptive Monitoring Services

3. DevOps

'DevOps’ is derived from the word 'Development (Dev) & Operations (Ops)'. DevOps is a team of IT operations, software developers, and quality analysts. To provide the best in the market DevOps consulting services, it is a collaborative effort between software development and IT operations to facilitate software production and deployment in an automated and repeated manner.


DevOps Solutions & consulting services help organizations quickly deliver software applications and related services. They allow a business to serve its users with better services and compete effectively in the global market. In 2022 and beyond, DevOps consulting services will be in high demand. It is one of the fastest-growing technologies that can give businesses and organizations an edge in today’s highly competitive market.

The Standard Protocol in DevOps

  • Formulation and Planning
  • Robust Infrastructure Setup
  • Effortless Integration
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Meticulous Load Management
  • Buff Security with Ease

DevOps Tools and Platforms

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Ansible
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud
How DevOps Consulting Services & Solutions Can Add Values To Your Business
  • An easy and faster way to market your products and services
  • Increase resiliency, scalability, and productivity
  • Better technical solutions
  • Automatic Software Updates
  • End-to-end DevOps Management

4. Data and Analytics

Today, the user base of businesses around the globe is increasing rapidly, and to judge consumer behavior based on what and how they buy is a big challenge. To overcome this challenge, Data and analytics, along with data analytics services, come to the rescue, and they are also an essential part of Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Data analytics services help businesses in expanding their user base, increase loyalty to the customers, enhance automation, reduce market risks, taking data-driven decisions, and have the ability to connect with the business product and services to monetize the earning.

If you are struggling to find new business trends and are lacking in the vision for your business's growth, leveraging data analytics services and implementing actionable data insights is a way to get going and move forward. Data analytics is an intelligent and scientific approach that gives you an edge in this highly competitive world. As data analytics is a part of AI, it has the ability to provide you with optimized business solutions, automation, and much more.

Basic Principles in Data and Analytics

  • Data Fabric Approach
  • Assess, Diagnose, and Predict Model
  • Industrialized Insights
  • Accelerated Business Intelligence
  • Agility, regulatory, and cost-effectiveness

Key Elements in Data Analysis & Data Analytics Services

  • Data Discovery & Augmentation
  • Analytics Mapping
  • Database Management
  • The AI Transformation, and
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

5. Blockchain

Blockchain is one of the emerging technologies of 2022 that will greatly impact the global market. It is a technology with a shared & immutable ledger that has the ability to process recorded transactions and trace or track business network assets (both tangible and intangible). From cars, cash, or land to intellectual property, patents, & copyrights, blockchain can revolutionize them all.


Today, anything that has some value can be traced and traded on any blockchain network. It reduces risks of blockchain protocols, lack of standardization, poor valuation of Cryptocurrencies, blockchain development, and others, and cuts overall costs.

Businesses run on information, and information in today's money. The faster you receive it, the more accurate and better it is. Blockchain is an ideal technology, and a blockchain development company equipped with experienced blockchain developers can hand over this information to you.

A blockchain network can easily trace orders, payments, accounts, production, etc. And like a cloud computing network, in blockchain, all the members share a single viewpoint on any information; mostly, it is the truth. Therefore, there is no choice but to believe what you see in detail and act. It gives you incredible confidence, and as well as new efficiencies and opportunities.

Benefits of Introducing Blockchain Technology

  • Greater Trust
  • Enhanced Security, and
  • High Efficiencies

A Blockchain development company can help you with

  • Blockchain Technology Consulting
  • Custom Blockchain App Development
  • Blockchain Supply Chain Development
  • Blockchain Wallet Development
  • Smart Contracts Development
  • Cryptocurrency & Exchange
  • Tokenization, and
  • Decentralized Exchange
The Standard Way For Your Blockchain Project
  • Perform extensive and thorough research for your business needs
  • Seek for best in the industry UX/UI design outline
  • Strong and experienced team of blockchain developers that can provide best - the suited blockchain technology for your business
  • Robust quality analysis and testing
  • Utilize automation in our deployment processes for the needs of multiple users and to meet top standards of quality, and
  • A block chain development company can provide all necessary maintenance services for your app or websites.
Industrial Solutions In Blockchain
  • E-Commerce
  • Banking
  • Healthcare, and
  • E-Learning

6. Virtual Reality or AR/VR & MR

A similar or completely different experience from the real world around us is termed Virtual Reality (VR). VR includes both augmented reality (AR) as well as mixed reality (MR) or extended reality (XR). AR/VR is one of the popular emerging technologies of 2022 for omnichannel branding that facilitates seamless business opportunities. The demand for augmented reality application is steadily getting pace.

Virtual Reality or AR/VR & MR

Based on a recent research study by PwC - Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality can add over USD 1.5 T to the global economy. It is a huge number, and it is becoming evident that the customer experience will largely be influenced by the capabilities of brands to design and produce virtual spaces and user experiences for customers and make them highly accessible via channels like mobile phones.

Today, industries are facing sophisticated use cases and it has become even more imperative for companies and organizations to continuously innovate and attract users to the brand and disrupt the market using ways such as implementing augmented reality applications/apps. However, challenges involving cost, accessibility, and lack of expertise still remain.

Hence, organizations need a reliable and trustworthy ecosystem that can provide high- end augmented reality application development services so that it becomes easy for them to market and enhance their scalability to solve real-world challenges.

Strategy To Implement Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality Projects

  • Product Strategy
  • Designing
  • AR/VR Development, and
  • Intensify Digital Products With Futuristic AR/VR/MR projects

In - Demand AR/VR Technologies

  • Creo Parametric
  • UX Pro
  • EasyAR
  • ARKit
  • ARCore
Desired AR/VR Services
  • Experimental Designing
  • Virtual Showrooms
  • Visualization Capabilities
  • Theoretical 2D and 3D Modeling
  • Complex Product Engineering
  • Data Modernization and Intelligence, and
  • Quality Assurance

Summing it all up!

Since the age of industrialization and before, technology has been evolving and playing a key role in our lives. From the realization of Human Intelligence to the creation and implementation of robotics and chatbots, and in many works, the above-mentioned technologies are playing a key role. The year 2022 and the years ahead will see the re-emergence of these technologies. Investing in these top - 6 emerging technologies in 2022 will strengthen your business and provide you with a sense of security and a future roadmap. If anything remains to be added, feel free to contact us.

Quokka Labs can offer top-notch, cost-effective, and robust solutions for all your business needs. Whether AI & ML, cloud computing, web app development, e-commerce website development, DevOps solutions, AR/VR/MR, or adding blockchain technology to your business, we are here to help. Give us a call or email us to give wings to your vision and dreams, and let us help you in digitizing your business today!


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