Tips To Make The Most Of Your Flutter Application Development

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Tips To Make The Most Of Your Flutter Application Development

There’s a list of cross-platform app development frameworks, but none are as famous as Flutter.


Flutter is an excellent app-developing framework for building apps for both Android and iOS platforms. 

Moreover, Flutter makes it easy for mobile app developers to prepare builds. Flutter supports the integration of various IDEs such as Android Studio, Visual Studio Code, Xcode, and several plugins like StaggeredGridView, Radial Menu, Tinder Cards, Google Firebase, etc. 

Most mobile app development companies today build applications using the Flutter platform. 

If you’re a beginner in the Android mobile app development market, I recommend you begin with Flutter instead of Android Studio and use Java to develop apps. 

Additionally, if you prefer going into iOS app development, you can use the same programming language/code developed in Dart to develop applications for both iOS and Android. Also, Flutter can handle multiple devices in one go. 

Isn’t it amazing?

Furthermore, not to forget, it comes with credible support that gives developers the assistance they need when they get stuck. 

Finally, Flutter can use Google material UI design for mobile, giving mobile apps their futuristic looks.

While it does take a bit of time to get the hang of this fantastic cross-platform app development platform, it’s worth it. You will be able to build practical applications for your client’s project, plus the portability of the apps is excellent.

This article will discuss the following subtopics while making the most of developing apps on Flutter:

  • Backdrop About Flutter
  • Reasons why Flutter is so popular
  • Benefits of Installing Plugins To Ace Your Flutter Applications Development
  • Few Resources, Tips, and Trick Worth Mentioning About Flutter
  • Future of Flutter

Backdrop About Flutter

If you are interested in developing mobile apps, you probably are already familiar with the app development framework, Flutter. If you are not, it is a Google-made powerful mobile app tool that creates beautiful, natively-compiled apps for both iOS and Android. 

How Flutter Works
Source: Flutter & Stack Overflow

Flutter was released in 2016 by Google, and it’s still gaining popularity among mobile app developers.

Reasons why Flutter is so popular 

  • Flutter reduces the time to create mobile apps.
  • It’s unique because it uses Dart, a programming language designed by Google.
  • Dart is easy to read, write, and understand. That makes it super easy to translate your thoughts into code.
  • It’s incredibly convenient and flexible to debug your code using Flutter stateful hot reload.
  • Flutter supports the majority of the portable codes generated today.
  • Flutter also supports fast development and can be used by beginners and professionals.
  • Last, Flutter is considered the best cross-platform app development platform.
Source: Stack Overflow

Moreover, Flutter help makes beautiful animations with several community benefits like hot reloading, native UI, etc.

Benefits of Installing Plugins To Ace Your Flutter Applications Development

  • Quickly and easily create native apps for iOS and Android from a single codebase.
  • The combination of its reactive framework, the native UI toolkit, and its parallel and reentrant capabilities make it a pleasure to develop and deploy.
  • Reduced development time, greater efficiency, and more flexibility.
  • It’s an excellent solution for startups, small businesses, and even huge enterprises.
  • Below are some exciting integrations for application development that you can create and discover during the app development process for Android or iOS apps.

Few Resources, Tips, and Trick Worth Mentioning About Flutter

Intro Screens Are a Bliss

The introduction widget allows you to create a launcher-friendly app that explains your software and looks impressive. You can choose from different templates to help you optimize the look and feel of your client communication.

Flutter Snippets To The Rescue

When using flutter application snippets for impactful web application development, it’s essential to ensure that the information is correct. You can easily create commonly used custom widget classes and methods. You can use the Dart Code package in Android Studio or VS Code.

Reusable Singleton Patterns

Singleton as a design pattern ensures that only one available instance of a particular class. It is easy to get wrong if you’re not careful; it can be disastrous for others who need access to that instance. 

One downside to singletons is that they are often overkill for classes that don’t need global access because you could just let any instance of the class call the required methods directly.

Flutter Logs

In the first tab, when you hit the ‘flutter logs’ command and run the app, In another tab, you make some changes to your code and then run ‘flutter logs’ again to get a rundown of everything that’s had logged since you initially started it ‌until now.

You can typically use this trick when working on an incredibly complex problem and with others who are also trying to see your progress. Suppose one changes within their desktop IDE or Text Editor. In that case, they can execute flutter logs again in the second tab to show its history without overwriting what had ‌been there!

Custom Extension to Reduce Duplicates

Don’t make your code a mess. Keep it neat. Here the word excellent means — Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) every time you are involved in flutter application development. Sometimes, one might need to use the extension method multiple times.

Code Clean With Spread Operator

Recently, during the Dart 2.3 release, a fun feature caught my eye called the “Spread Operator.” It is an operator with which you can easily pass your objects “through” to have it used in multiple places at once with either individual or grouped variables placed within it.

It can be helpful when applying certain conditional UI Widgets with variable parameters in templates. Or if you have nested templates of conditional UI Widgets!

Not a Designer? Not a problem!

With Flutter, keeping UI design in mind for web applications development isn’t that hard!. You don’t need to code to craft excellent text graphics for your app. Use the Made with Flutter plugin, and you will work magic in minutes.

Future of Flutter

After Flutter’s explosive rise over the past three years, its market share is skyrocketing. And developers take this as a sign that Flutter isn’t anywhere. That’s because Flutter is way simple and powerful, and developers worldwide are likely to continue to use it to develop mobile apps. 

There will be new and trendy tools that you can try, and Flutter’s prospects remain bright for the foreseeable future. So, keep building iOS and Android apps using Flutter. Good Luck!!

Summing It All Up!!

We hope you enjoyed this article that taught you a few tips and tricks about Flutter to make the most out of App Development for iOS and Android. 

If you are looking more on mobile app development topics without compromising on the UI design, please visit the Flutter site, which will provide you with comprehensive documentation containing all that you need. 

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