From being called Mocha to LiveScript to JavaScript at Netscape to being to the most dominant web technology in the world, JavaScript sure has had a wonderful journey in all these years.

JavaScript or JS in today’s day and age is one of the core technologies for the web whether we talk of pure plain vanilla JavaScript or multiple JS frameworks like Angular or React, JS has taken the world by storm especially after the release of ECMAScript 6 (scripting language specification standardization) which involved a lot of cool features like const & let keywords and arrow functions which the developers have been asking for years.

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In the light of recent events, python’s increased popularity has taken it beyond JavaScript but still has not overtaken its usage in web. JavaScript is a multi-paradigm, high-level programming language which was originally used only for client-side applications but since then its engine has been embedded in many other host softwares like word processors and PDF and as far as server side applications as well.

Its association with Microsoft’s Typescript is one of the best and most favored method of implementation on both frontend and backend. TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript which compiles into vanilla JS and is further deployed.

With TypeScript, the developers have the ability to use object oriented programming, strong datatype casting and more importantly, it’s very scalable.

The JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) serialization format that is used to store and transmit data also comes from JavaScript. The very convenient human readable text and key-value pairs object notation is the preferred choice of the software industry. With all the modern browser’s strong support to JavaScript, it is a piece of cake to develop applications and deploy them.

JavaScript now has a huge fan base all across the globe with abundant number of frameworks and projects being developed every single day. Some of JS frameworks like Angular, React & Express are among the top used and most popular going around just because of the simplicity of their usage, scalability, implementation ease and huge community support.

JavaScript can proud itself on the community support that it has being on almost all major platforms like Stackoverflow, StackExchange and GitHub. It’s NodeJs which is a open source runtime environment to compile JS code outside browser has huge open source community support as well with over 350,000 registered packages in npm (Node Package Manager) which is the largest package registry in the world. 

If we dive more deeply into the intricacies of JS, we will see that it is like any other programming language that you learnt at your school but with a lot more flair and ease to come along with it.

  • JS follows mostly all structured programming syntax with all loops and conditions like in C
  • While it originally just had functional scoping with ‘var’, ES6 introduced the keywords ‘let’ & ‘const’ which gave JS the much needed block scoping as well.
  • JS is a weakly typed & dynamically typed language and has received a lot of flak sometimes for its weakly typed nature.
  • With asynchronous being the new challenge that all programming languages have, JS evolved with its ‘Promises’ and ‘aync await’ in this field. With the introduction of observables through rxJS, Js has a robust asynchronous behavior.
  • Its arrow functions are best loved feature of JS that the developers had been asking for long. It gives the flexibility with ‘this’ and ton of regular clean coding.

As in the years gone by, JS is predicted by the experts to keep growing and gain more popularity as well as advancement in the coming years along with TypeScript which has now become a hand in hand partner of JavaScript.

With the popular fan base among the developers and amazing community support, JS is a preferred language for any freshman looking to get a job and get into the software industry. It may be a toil in the beginning to choose between the ton of frameworks on which ones to use & learn, but once the priorities get sorted out, JS is a real & long time friend.


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