Driven By Artificial Intelligence – GitHub Co-Pilot Is Here!

GitHub Co-Pilot
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Driven By Artificial Intelligence – GitHub Co-Pilot Is Here!

Github Co-Pilot entered the room to prove us all wrong when we thought coding could not get any simpler. We know how exciting the news is for all the developers and programmers out there, because trust us, we are amazed by its potential too!

It’s possible because it encircles itself with an Artificial Intelligence enabled platform that adapts and makes the machine familiar with the way you code to finish the rest of it for you.

Also, the potential of the tool does not stop there. GitHub Co-Pilot can assist you in learning a new programming language right from scratch! Isn’t that great!

What’s All The Buzz Around Github Co-Pilot?

GitHub Co-Pilot

Github announced its brand new creation, i.e., Copilot, on 29th June 2021, a powerhouse developed by GitHub itself and Open AI. The platform offers a helping hand to the users of Visual Studio Code in generating codes automatically without any manual efforts.

The process involves a way to tap into the coding style of a particular programmer to make their code better and fast-track the entire process. It draws context either from the current lines of code you are working on or the entire function to get started with. 

How Does Github’s Co-Pilot Work?

The tool follows various patterns to solve your coding mysteries for mobile and web app development quickly. Github Copilot uses OpenAI Codex, i.e., a deep learning model that instantly suggests and predicts the further lines of auto-generated codes.

From a pool of already existing depositories, the tool picks the open-source code present on GitHub to collect data that best fills the gap. Its USP lies in its ability to crack the methodology used by the programmer to write codes in a certain way and style.

Github Copilot - How it works

Below are a few patterns you may notice while using the tool:-

  • The algorithm analyses your coding pattern
  • It picks and adapts to your pattern
  • Reads and declares the function of your pattern
  • Suggest more than one line of code for you to pick the best one
  • You can edit the pre-generated code to tailor it as to your choice 
  • Any redundant codes are auto-filled with its smart features 
  • Creating unit tests for all your methods is extremely seamless

Can We Expect Accurate And Flawless Lines Of Code?

Yes and No. What we mean here is it does a great job, and you will be amazed to see how it picks the right search intent every time in suggesting codes or entire functions, for that matter.

GitHub CEO, Nat Friedman, clarified that the Co-Pilot has tremendous capability to beat even the GPT-3 code generation. It’s an effective tool tested on large data sets that included a massive concentration of public source code and improved accordingly.

GitHub Co-Pilot AI Pair Programmer

And as humans become sharp with practice, the machine also keeps updating its algorithm. It works on how often you accept or deny its suggestions, based on which the tool’s performance can be improvised further.

But in the end, you cannot trust the tool blindly to take over the development process without dedicating time to review the code once. You will always need to quickly go through it to ensure the code is in sync with your requirements. It tells and reminds us that even though we are progressing with artificial intelligence services, we are not quite there yet.

Github’s Co-Pilot’s Compatibility With Other Frameworks And Technologies

Github’s versatility inches closer to various technologies and frameworks is ​​mobile application development or web application development. JavaScript, Python, Ruby On Rails, TypeScript, and Go are set to get along with Github’s Copilot. 

How Secure Is Your Private Code Within The GitHub Community?

Github assures it will only use data collected from your end to improve the existing AI model when it comes to privacy and confidentiality. When you accept or reject any suggestion put across by the tool, it takes it as a heads up or down via making use of telemetry rules of conduct.

Currently, Visual Studio Code can leverage the technology, so the access is limited to a small group of programmers. Although in the future, when the tool is available to a wider audience, it will reconsider the security standards.

Addressing The Elephant In The Room

Yes, you guessed it right. We wonder if GitHub’s Copilot is a boon or a bane for the entire software development industry. Can this intuitive yet powerful tool replace and match the potential of human coders? The short answer is No. Here’s why!

Coding takes up only 20% of the entire software development process; the rest is testing, debugging, and maintaining code. And that can’t be done by a machine whatsoever. A human eye, cognitive mind, and creative thinking are necessary to bring the best results even into your digital products.

Also, Co-Pilot follows a verbose pattern wherein the codes generated are a lot! It means you will automatically end up maintaining code more than curating it. Plus, the suggestions made by the tool will never be entire as per what you had in mind. So tweaking them a little now and then is something you will have to be prepared for.

Summing It Up

GitHub’s Copilot is a transformational product, hands down! But that does not necessarily put you in a sweet spot as a coder yourself. You need to re-check and re-evaluate your codes to ensure you induce the best usability and experience across ​​mobile app development and websites you create. 

It’s up to us to make artificial intelligence services work in our favour or let them outshine the way we have worked for so many years. Use the tool to get some burden off you but be mindful of stepping in whenever required.

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