Communication, love and dating has moved to the virtual world. Instead of stepping out, the era of swiping left and right is what millennials and GenZ find to be the new normal. Thanks to the pandemic, with COVID-19 hitting the ground, more than ever these days, everyone is eager to find a partner and use tools like the Tinder app and Bumble app. The trend has enhanced and given a push to the online dating apps and community to widen its footprints.

Communication nowadays is not restricted to traditional calling or sending SMS’s. The way people meet and develop relationships is changing due to mobile applications like Tinder app and Bumble app. Leveraging social media app development has become a fundamental part of the internet experience, and it’s significant every app developer takes it into account. So the user experience that pleases them the most is the need of the hour!

Why Invest In Creating An Online Dating App?

The market of online dating mobile applications is thriving with each passing day. According to Statista, online dating in India is expected to be worth US$459 billion by 2021. Also, by 2025, an estimated 61.5 million people will be using dating apps to find their partners online. 
Web application development companies who are looking to invest in building an online dating app based on a similar business model? There’s no better time than now! But as rewarding and enticing as the opportunity looks and sounds, it’s important to get started on the right foot when building apps like these.

Potential of dating apps

Reason being, dating apps fall in the category of social apps, which requires a thorough social media app development company to take care of all the necessary requirements. And this simply means more and more people are going to use it and spend most of their time swiping and scrolling through it, just like Instagram. This offers a challenge for the developers and UX designers to bring the best user experience to the table .

The idea of creating your own dating mobile applications may be a little intimidating at first, but after going through the steps of creating a Tinder/Bumble like app, you will realize that it’s not that hard at all. 

Fundamentals On How Dating Apps Work

Tinder app is still badging the number one position when spoken about as the most popular dating site. It has seen some improvements since its launch in 2012, and is now used by thousands of people daily. To build such an app, hiring a mobile app development company with top talent immensely helps! Because an experienced designer and a developer knows building an app like this requires strong attention to detail wherein the design should be highly user centred and human focussed.

Dating apps work best when they involve contact and interaction between users. Social apps have a lot in common with each other because the experience is largely the same, so you’ll want to pay attention to supporting human-to-human interactions.

Algorithm That Works Behind

The algorithm behind Tinder app and Bumble app is quite exciting but at the same time follows a minimalistic approach. If you take notice, it uses an extremely simple design. Apps like these allow users to perform either of two functions, i.e., liking or skipping with swipe gestures for a particular person. If two people mutually like each other, they are considered a match.

Algorithm Behind Dating Apps

It is like one of those social apps like Instagram and facebook, but works completely in a different manner. Even though the dating apps might have the main motive to help people meet, there are companies who determine compatibility based on different metrics. That’s a USP of every dating app and probably the reason why Tinder app is still number one as compared to Bumble app.

Any mobile app development company or web application development agency designs their algorithms to work with data that is gathered from dating apps and then tries to predict the compatibility between two people on different parameters. And these parameters vary and differ from company to company that makes it their unique selling point. For example- Companies aim to take out the time and agony of screen-swiping as they focus on specific parameters such as mutual interests, zodiac signs, and common friends.

The most common algorithms without which an app like Tinder and Bumble app is nearly impossible are as follows:-

i) Geo-Location

It’s hard to develop strong connections with someone through mobile applications if you don’t see someone often. No one wants to end up with a match that’s 2000 kms away from us. And that’s why dating apps tend to employ geo-location components in their matching algorithms.

After you’ve spent some time with the app, dating apps help you decide who you’d like to get to know better based on location. It does so via presenting you with a list of people you might like and then lets you either accept or reject them. It’s a good idea to include a feature that tells the user whether or not their matches are nearby, because it can greatly increase match quality. It’s indeed the most crucial feature of the app.

ii) Cognitive & Behavioural Constraints

Mobile applications are putting the cognitive aspect into the technicality of a perfect match making experience cannot be overlooked. It’s true that in the online world, things can get shady, especially on dating sites. You may not always be able to tell whether people are telling the truth or not. People may claim to be someone while they are not. This can cause the swipe-based matching system to lead you on with an incompatible match even after putting filters and customizing your preference.

iii) Qualitative cum Quantitative Algorithm

The underlying algorithms of dating sites are mostly based on how compatible you are with someone else. But how can a machine determine compatibility? It does so via evaluating the results by looking at two individuals’ answers to common questions answered by the masses.

When comparing compatibility on the Tinder app, a machine learning model takes into account both of your answers and compares them to other users’ answers. Not only that but also how important a particular question is for you. Factors like- Are your answers realistic? Was it worth your time to answer it etc.

iv) Chatbots

The one-liners and openers for messaging apps like Tinder and Bumble are the ultimate AI tool to break the ice between people who want to interact. It helps people pick conversations from where they cut it off and chatbots are more efficient at ensuring conversations stay on track.

Features That Go Into Building A Dating App

In addition to including the points above on mobile applications, there are also other aspects that you have to think about when building an online dating app. While algorithms might give you a direction to get started and determine the compatibility of two people in a short period of time, it’s the features that will lead to its downloads and installs. 

With new features being added daily, you’ll be sure to find at least the common ones mentioned below:-

i) Push Notifications

In the majority of dating mobile applications, when you enable push up notification, you will be triggered by important reminders from the App. Proactive notifications from the app as well as reminders will let users know about important things going on without you having to look at the app. If you don’t use the app in a while, you’ll still get important messages and be able to chat with your match later.

ii) Gamification

It’s a comparatively new concept for mobile app development company. First, how can you use different elements of video games to create an experience that is engaging and entertaining? Second, how can you apply these elements into the process of finding love?

Gamification, or using video game techniques to increase engagement and retention in a non-game situation, is currently popular in the app industry. The best way to apply gamification to your dating app is by making it entertaining.

iii) AI Facial Recognition

Want to make things interesting while browsing through your potential partners? Why not let AI do its job! Everyone knows what a dating app does. But how awesome it would be if users can upload a photo of someone they want to look like, and the app will display people who resemble them. This is indeed an amazing dating feature that most companies can incorporate to boost their app installs. The growth of the virtual reality has shifted the match-making norms.

iv) Advanced Filters & Searches

Events are a great way to connect with someone who shares your interests. There are significant events and activities in your city that match your interests, but you don’t know about them. You can use advanced searches and filters b to discover these activities and events so that you can meet new people with similar interests.

v) Chatting Capabilities

In order to get the conversation started, when two people mutually express interest in each other, they can start chatting and get to know each other better. This is what is being followed on tinder and Bumble apps as well. Also, they can optionally use emojis, voice notes, snaps and share Gifs to make their messages more vivid. This works with apps also incorporated into web application development for a rich experience.

vi) Swiping Right/Left Feature

It goes without saying, dating apps are popular for one reason! It’s feasible to use with swipe gestures. Swiping feature on dating apps is an intuitive way to avoid encounters with people you’re not interested in. When browsing through the photos of potential matches, you’ll swipe right if you like what you see, or swipe left to skip this recommendation.

vii) Filters for Customization

Customization in the settings panel includes options for setting preferences, such as what gender they’re seeking, what age range is acceptable, and even the option to match with users’ zodiac signs. This is helpful for the users to narrow down their search and get the best fit mate!

viii) Social Sign-In

Any mobile app development  company can vouch for this! It’s highly crucial to help your users overcome the biggest hurdle of new users onboarding. Users should be able to sign up in just a few clicks. They shouldn’t have to go through unending registration processes. That’s why you should provide social sign-in, so users can sign in using their preferred social log-ins like Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin accounts.

ix) Data Security

Companies who are into web application development are aware how becoming an easy target for malicious programs and fraudulent accounts isn’t new. Dating app boasts millions of users on their platform everyday. When you own a dating app, data security is non negotiable. Users entrust you with their personal information, and you can’t risk exposing them to hackers and crackers with their evil malware attacks.

Time & Cost Involved In Developing Tinder/Bumble Like Application

From conception, to platform build, to development and testing, building an online dating app  takes place across multiple platforms which means there is no sure shot answer to what exactly the cost would be. 

Every platform has its own unique characteristics, and a single Tinder app feature can be implemented in radically different ways on different devices. As a result, the overall concept of a mobile dating app may remain the same, but the execution can vary significantly from one platform to another.

But to give you a rough idea:-

App CategoryDating App/Social App
Total Time Taken 500-1200 hours
Cost To Develop$10,000 to $35,000

i) Time Duration

If you’re looking to build an Android app, any mobile app development company will have to invest about 500-1200 hours of work. On the other hand, if you want an iOS app, about 500-1200 hours of work on development and design can be expected. 

ii) Hourly Rates

In India, any social media app development company has standard hourly rates of somewhere between $20-$40 per hour. This is open to interpretation based on the kind of app you are interested in developing. It can be Android, iOS, Flutter, React Native, web based apps etc.

iii) Cost To Develop

App category has a huge role to play when it comes to determining costs. When we talk about tinder and bumble apps, they fall in the category of social apps which can total between $10,000 to $35,000.

Team Distribution

i) UI/UX Designers

Whether it’s an iOS, android, flutter, react native app or a web site, a professional mobile application UI/UX designer has to start with a design brief and then create a user interface flow, sitemaps, wireframes, and prototypes.

UI/UX designers make sure your site is easy to use and functional. They make sure the buttons are the correct size and color, and that everything is placed in a way that makes sense to people unfamiliar with your application.

A designer is ultimately responsible for understanding how users interact with a website or a mobile app in relation to your innovative designs, high standards for quality and devotion to your craft.

ii) Front-end and Backend Developers

Being a part of a social media app development company, to create an app with native code, you need to hire a mobile app development company that has experience in creating apps with native code. The team should have experience in working with the platform of your choice and its languages. The team of iOS and Android developers are the ones to convert the UI/UX layouts into a working application and turn it into a functional prototype. And they should know how to work with programming languages, frameworks and databases to build digital products as they are meant to be.

Looking to hire experts? Quokka Labs ​can help you to improve your overall app development quality quality by providing you a range of specialists to hire in areas that needs special attention, such as:

i) Android mobile app development
ii) iOS mobile app development
iii) Hybrid mobile app development
iv) Flutter mobile app development
v) React native mobile app development

iii) Quality Assurance Specialists

QA specialists scrutinize products or services to make sure that they meet the company’s quality standards. QA’s are responsible for finding the loopholes and constantly probing for potential pitfalls in their product or service and searching for ways to address them before they become major problems.

As QA analysts are an integral part of the app development journey, it’s also true they are the first bunch of people to answer any possible questions about user experience. They are the first to understand the value of the app. That is why they must be involved in the early stages of creating an app. When you want to present a mobile app to the client, you should have expert QA professionals who will be able to give you honest feedback and warn you about potential flaws.

Tech Stack Used To Build An Online Dating App

To create your own dating service like Tinder app and Bumble app, it is possible only after you indulge in deep learning about social media app development as well as web application development technology stack. 

From guidance on what frameworks to use when starting a project to testing applications in production, Quokka Labs helps software companies leverage the latest technologies.

Successful startup founders and entrepreneurs trust Quokka Labs with their projects. We get you results. If you want more info on how we get such results for others, get in touch today.

i) iOS- Swift, Objective C, Xcode
ii) Android- Kotlin, Java, Android Studio
iii) Cross-Platform Apps- Dart, Flutter, React Native

Let’s Start Building Your Very Own Dating App!

Quokka Labs has a passion for technology and digital products being a dedicated mobile app development company. We are an action oriented mobile app development company who focuses on all spectrums of app development starting from social media app development as well as web application development (UI/UX design, development, testing). 

Our goal is to create high quality products that provide value to our clients and end users. We are a team with a blend of creative and technical inclinations that thrives on creating unique digital products for you. From the initial idea to the final product, we work hard to satisfy you throughout the entire project cycle. 

Get in touch with us today for a free quote and personalized, trustworthy and quality service experience.


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