Top AI Mobile Apps Transforming Daily Life in 2024

Experience the future with AI and make your life easier and more efficient. Learn how AI is changing daily tasks. From photo editing to budgeting, explore top AI mobile apps that turn manual tasks into simple, automated ones.

AI has made our lives modest and comfortable, improving the efficiency and productivity of our day-to-day tasks. From setting up the alarm to capturing photos, apps conduct data mining, collect research, solve user queries, prepare a simple presentation, take meeting notes, design flow, and prototypes, or develop the app. In this blog, we have mentioned AI mobile apps swapping manual tasks. Stats

In 2023, the AI market size was estimated at around 241.8 billion US dollars

Expected Market Growth by 2030: 740 billion US dollars

Unlock 97 % more job opportunities in the future

11 Best AI Mobile Apps Improving Everyday Hustle

11 Best AI Apps When discussing the capabilities of AI apps, ChatGPT, Claude AI, Bing Chat, and Gemini come first to our minds. But before that, Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa launched for Android and iOS phone users, assisting them in performing some specific tasks.

Let's explore the best AI apps now!

1. FaceApp

We all love to take selfies, whether in or out of any mood with friends or while enjoying our company. Nowadays, it's a new trend to post photos. People are impressed with the influencers, and top celebrities admire their social media presence. To stand out as a virtual place, FaceApp is an excellent AI mobile app for photo editing to try and make your pictures impressive.

What makes it stand out:

  • Access AI photo editing tray: filters, backgrounds, transition effects

  • Try your favorite styles and makeup

  • Retouch or remove patches/ blemishes/ spots from the face

  • Instant pixel-perfect profile appearance to post

2. Dall-E

Want to design graphic creative just by giving a textual description?

Dall-E is here to unleash imagination and align text pixel-perfectly. It's a great tool for small business owners willing to reach potential audiences/ customers.

What makes it stand out:

  • Design comics/ flyers/ educational stuff on the go

  • Instant design with a few clicks.

  • Design templates for logos, infographics, notebook cover


Many people are good at preparing textual content but must conduct it through voice. Sometimes, even good speakers run out of time.

Are you hunting for an app that can convert text to voice?

MURF leverages unique AI capabilities and offers voiceover-like professionals. Nowadays, when people create reel/ story videos and podcasts to express their opinions and views, MURF is a great help.

What makes it stand out:

  • Pick from 120 voices

  • Compatible with 20 languages

  • 8000 soundtracks repository

  • Collaborative workspace

4. Lensa

Now, you don’t need to install different AI mobile apps to overlay preparing avatars, makeup correction, or removing background. Install Lensa and expose your creativity to the world through Lena lenses!

Lensa contains beautiful AI art aesthetics to enhance your photos' quality. Apply filters, effects, and touchups to correct your photos' needs. Remove the background, disturbing elements, and objects with a single tap.

What makes it stand out:

  • Effortless editing tools

  • Access realistic AI Avatars

  • Adjust to achieve advanced output

  • Perfect for personal and professional work

5. Starry AI

Generative AI is a new dimension in the world, unlocking new paths of creativity with amazing outputs. Now, this technology is equipped with the StarryAI tool, making your editing experience more enjoyable. Enhance your artwork by applying desirable variations, design thinking, and emotional intelligence.

What makes it stand out:

  • Prompt images as per description/ image/ sketch

  • Create and download stunning AI-crafted visuals

  • Generate an abstract portrait in a minute reflecting your emotion and art style

  • Professional designers can also give a try to this


6. Guru

It's a versatile multi-utility AI mobile app that aligns with the preferences of every industry professional, including HR, development, sales/ marketing, health, finance, etc. It’s an enterprise and startup-purpose app that streamlines operations with instant search responses. It can get your context with AI capabilities and deliver the best response, analyzing the preferences of industry, location, and role.

What makes it stand out:

  • Collection of readymade templates

  • Create a Wiki and homepage or responses as your choice

  • Get AI content to personalize dashboard appearance

  • Easy to integrate with all professional tools

7. Cleo

Monthly budget planning is not a piece of cake for many. Individuals try to limit expenses, maintain savings, and earn a good credit score but struggle to align the goals they've planned. If you are unable to manage your monthly balance, it will be difficult to survive in the long run.

Cleo is a sophisticated and simple budget-planning app. The best AI apps drive financial stability and assist in planning assertively, adapting core patterns and advice. Compare the budget breakdown category-wise and get instant responses to queries.

What makes it stand out:

  • Equip with AI NLP capabilities

  • Trigger important payment reminder

  • Track and monitor budget and expense flow

  • Personalized financial recommendation and goal setup

8. GitHub Copilot

No matter how efficient you are at coding, you could get stuck on silly tasks. GitHub Copilot is here to be your companion, generating the best suggestions to streamline the development cycle. It’s a developer choice of AI mobile apps to manage the tedious iterative coding process with readable documentation.

What makes it stand out:

  • Offers a comfortable natural environment with easy integration of other IDEs

  • Generate code snippets, boilerplates, and other coding patterns.

  • It makes testing/ debugging easy

  • Accurate explanations, understanding of the context, and user style

9. Asana

No more procrastination; get control of your day-to-day work responsibilities hassle-free. Assure the success and progress of your projects through this AI project management tool. Accomplish every phase by distributing it into small sprints, avoiding weak points!

What makes it stand out:

  • Everyday project performance monitoring dashboard

  • Strategic planning and actionable moves

  • Monitor the meetings, issues, goals

10. Read AI

It’s an outstanding learning tool that distills complex information into a digestible and interactive format. It helps professionals generate important crux, transcripts, and topic highlights in written or video format to reflect back. It lets you connect with people with clear speech.

What makes it stand out:

  • Discover the points to improvise

  • Find relevant keynotes and actionable items

  • Schedule meetings at your convenient slot

  • Engage the audience with a flawless, personalized speech

  • 5 free meetings without the need for software installation or credit card payment

11. Socratic

Do you feel stuck on any topic?

Socratic is one of those AI mobile apps that will save you time by generating the best suggestions for your problems, whether they relate to general or advanced subjects, fiction or nonfiction, maths or science, the real world, or anything else. Instead of using a search engine, try Socratic for your research or queries for once!

What makes it stand out:

  • Get explanations on every topic through guides, videos, and visuals.

  • Connect and collaborate with the subject experts.

  • Curate the best results to cure your Curiosity.

  • Great for school and University students.

12. Synthesia

It's a versatile AI tool that can let you create professional cinematic videos, making every frame stunning. Access the templates, avatars, recorded voices, audio music files, and images. Start for free or pay to access advanced capabilities.

What makes it stand out:

  • Multimodal AI Video generation tool through your description

  • 130+language support

  • 150+avatars

  • Access the assets from cloud storage

  • Clone audio for your podcasts and videos by accessing accessibility

AI is approaching everywhere, whether learning a language, developing apps, managing finance or project progress, or photo editing. AI and its subordinates are meticulously reshaping our lifestyles on the professional and personal front. In this blog, we discuss these AI mobile apps that have significantly driven a transformation, and there is a vast list out there for diverse domains.

Final Words:

Many speculate AI solutions will replace humans with how it progresses and interlinks with emerging trends. Well, that's not true at all!

You know change is necessary. We need to evolve with time and market dynamics. Upskill yourself with AI mobile app tools and forget the concerns of replacement. AI tools are here to drive automation and improve efficiency and productivity by modifying new mediums and strategies on the professional front.

In the upcoming years, we can expect more multimodels, chatbots/ assistants, image/ video, collaboration, and coding tools that incorporate new AI development practices. If you are looking for an AI development company consultation to build the best app, discuss with Quokka Labs!


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