What is Amazon Workspace and How Can It Be Helpful for SMEs?

Learn how Amazon Workspace, a "desktop as a service" (DaaS) solution on AWS, can transform remote work for SMEs. With easy setup, flexible device support, enhanced security, and affordable software and hardware requirements, Amazon Workspace is a game-changer for businesses looking to save costs and increase productivity. Contact an Amazon developer to set up your virtual desktop today!


By Dhruv Joshi

13 Apr, 2023

We have witnessed how COVID-19 transformed office work into remote work, forcing organizations to rapidly adapt by sending work equipment, including VPN connections and other infrastructure, to employees' homes. Amazon Workspace has been a game-changer in simplifying this transition by offering "desktop as a service" (DaaS). Companies requested Amazon developers to implement such services, and the results exceeded expectations.

Now, let's take a brief look at what Amazon Workspace is.

What is Amazon Workspace?

What is Amazon Workspace and How Can It Be Helpful for SMEs? Amazon Workspace is like a virtual desktop, or we can also say "Desktop as a Service." Users can access any OS on their system, like Windows or Linux. The Desktop as a Service supports many clients' hardware, like below:

Microsoft Windows Apple MacOS Web Access
Linux Google Chromebook Zero Clients
iPad OS and iOS Android OS Amazon Fire Tablets

So, any device that can virtually access any OS can access its AWS workspace and perform its assigned business tasks.

If you are new to this and need to learn how to set it up, you can learn more about-

Read Blog: How to set up a fresh AWS EC2 instance here.

Why use Amazon Workspace?

How could we access the virtual desktop? Yes, you got it right. To use the virtual desktop, you will still need a device/hardware at your end to access Amazon Workspace or AWS. But the device will be a little high-end or costly. Also, most company employees don't need high computing power.

Some developers started working on virtual systems with mid-range hardware, which was successful. So, Amazon Workspace saves hardware costs and increases low-end devices' performance. All it needs to do is contact with the best Amazon service provider who will prepare the ORG. So, in the end, businesses can save on buying high-end work systems and more.

How Can Amazon Workspace Help SMEs Go Server Less?

AWS services like Amazon Workspaces will no longer require managing servers on the site, or they don't need a team to manage servers; thus, it saves a lot of costs.

Most services like email servers, Microsoft AD, client-server apps, and database servers can be integrated into the AWS cloud. Amazon Workspace can help SMEs process their apps while running app servers like EC2 and AWS RDS.

So, these all allow SMEs to go serverless (nearly) and help to save costs. You only need the best Amazon developer company to do such magic.

Why can Amazon Workspace Be Helpful for SMEs?

What is Amazon Workspace and How Can It Be Helpful for SMEs?

Amazon Workspace is the Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution on AWS that provides a cloud-based desktop computing service. Amazon Workspace is the first-ever public service provider and provides the most established services; that's why it can be helpful for SMEs. Let's see the top reasons why Amazon Workspace is beneficial for SMEs.

Amazon Workspace is Easy to Use

Amazon Workspace is very easy to configure, easy to deploy, and easy to integrate for existing users. Well, this system can start working within a process.

But here's a catch!

If you have legacy servers with apps and data that need to be set up and migrated, then there's more work toward it. But the system is made to be easy and streamlined.

Easier Deployment and Management of Applications

The initial tasks, like setting up, deploying, and migrating data, may take some time. Still, once you finish it, it's way faster than you think. Amazon Workspace provides a fast and secure way to deploy updates to Org's desktop apps.

Valuable computing resources don't require deploying new apps, and Amazon Workspace provides unlimited scalability. So, in the end, your IT department will save a lot of time. You only need an Amazon developer to do magic.

Secured Amazon Workspace

Amazon Workspace is more secure than local storage. Why? Because all data is kept on the cloud, only permitted user access is granted. It's the best way to quickly transfer data in any corner of the world, so AWS is best for cloud service providers. So, SMEs have flexibility if their employees work remotely, but their data is secured at AWS.

Multiple Device Support by Amazon Workspaces

Yes, it's the most significant advantage of Amazon Workspace. Working on a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is flexible for all. Users will need an internet connection and a device that supports the Amazon workspace-supported OS. That's it.

Nearly all devices, like Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, iPads, the Kindle Fire, and Android tablets support it.

There are more devices to come on the supported devices list. So, it's beneficial for SMEs.

Amazon Workspace Offers Software and Hardware Requirements You Need

Amazon Workspace provides everything SMEs require at an affordable price. Amazon Workspace provides computing power, memory, and storage that match your business requirements.

Here, SMEs can scale up anytime they need and don't have to pay per service. Amazon Workspace includes pre-installed operating systems and applications such as Microsoft Office. The best part is using your licensed software, such as Windows OS. So, you will not need to purchase additional licenses to use the same software on the cloud.

Final Words: Your Success is a Step Away

Amazon Workspace is a blessing for SMEs, whether for crowded space or cost-saving. There are no worries if there is a small space to handle the server. Save costs, save space, and have highly secure data layers. Also, it's beneficial for companies and employees to access data from anywhere with complete flexibility and scalability.

All it takes is to hire a successful Amazon developer and a partner like Quokka Labs to implement it in your infrastructure, and success will come to you.


Q1: How Much Does Amazon Workspace Cost for SMEs?

Amazon Workspace offers different pricing options based on the region, performance requirements, and usage. SMEs can choose from several pricing tiers and payment plans based on their business needs, including pay-as-you-go, monthly, or annual. Reach us today to find out more about the best-fit plans and prices.

Q2: How Can SMEs Get Started with Amazon Workspace?

SMEs can get started with Amazon Workspace by following these steps:

  • Sign up for an AWS account: If you don't have an AWS account, you must sign up for one on the AWS website.
  • Launch Amazon Workspace: Once you have an AWS account, you can access the Amazon Workspace console and follow the guided steps to launch your virtual desktops, configure settings, and add users.
  • Install Amazon WorkSpaces client software: Users can install the Amazon WorkSpaces client software on their devices, such as desktops, laptops, tablets, or mobile devices, to access their virtual desktops.
  • Customize and manage Amazon Workspace: SMEs can customize their settings, such as desktop configurations, user access, and security settings, through the Amazon Workspace console. IT administrators can also manage virtual desktops centrally, including adding or removing users, monitoring usage, and performing updates.

Q3: Is Amazon Workspace Secure for SMEs?

Yes, Amazon Workspace provides robust security measures to protect SMEs' data and ensure the privacy and confidentiality of their virtual desktops. Some of the security features of Amazon Workspace include data encryption, multi-factor authentication, network isolation, regular security updates, and compliance with various industry standards and regulations, such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS. However, SMEs need to follow best practices for securing their virtual desktops, such as using strong passwords, regularly updating software and applications, and restricting user access based on need.

Q4: Can Amazon Workspace be Integrated with Other AWS Services?

Amazon Workspace can be integrated with other AWS services to enhance its functionality and capabilities. For example, SMEs can integrate Amazon Workspace with AWS Directory Service for user authentication and authorization or with Amazon S3 for file storage and sharing. Integration with other AWS services can provide additional features such as centralized user management, data backup, and seamless access to other AWS resources, making it a powerful and comprehensive solution for SMEs.


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