A Roadmap To Build Your Own Health & Fitness Tracking App

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A Roadmap To Build Your Own Health & Fitness Tracking App

When one of the billions has sedentary lifestyles, it becomes hard to understand why being fit is essential. One of the most popular ways to pay attention to your health at all times is by investing in a smart band or a smartwatch that works as a personal assistant for your physical well-being. It has prompted that apps development companies and healthcare app development companies to build Heath & Fitness tracking app that helps users track their exercise and diet habits.

Tracking every pulse, calorie count, and step count is the new normal. It’s becoming more like a fitness regimen among fitness enthusiasts to ditch the lousy lifestyle and move towards a healthier and better life.

And to your surprise, it’s because of people like us that the global fitness apps market size will reach $13 billion by the end of 2025! Consumers spend a large amount of money on sports and fitness, so there’s a lot of money to go around for those companies.

Health and Fitness apps development companies focus on health and fitness apps today that have taken it up a notch and started to offer weekly workout plans, constant reminders to workout, and healthy recipes as an add-on with usual exercise tracking metrics. All of this is because of the growing awareness among people to quit unhealthy living.

It’s not the end; there’s more to the features that go into building your health and fitness tracking mobile application!

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What Different Can Be Expected Out Of A Health & Fitness Tracking App?

While it’s common for healthcare app development companies to think of fitness apps as simply providing advice on how to work out, that’s only the beginning.

Some apps have more in common with training wheels or interactive coaching guides. Fitness tracking apps work to break down the overwhelming nature of fitness and exercise. They use intuitive design and robust sensors to help keep you on track, whatever your level of fitness.

A progressive health app can make you feel like you own a personal trainer to keep you on track. They also teach you about food, sleep, and injury prevention; they encourage you and predict your needs. For instance, apps like Cultfit and Fitbit are some live examples of how it’s done.

Unique Features To Look-out For In A Health & Fitness App

Starting with Health and Fitness Apps, there is a lot to cover. It’s not only about calculating your footsteps with a pedometer but also keeping track of your routine, progress, meals intake, and much more. It’s like a virtual gym trainer always with you.

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While most fitness tracking apps tend to use the usual features like registration, user profile, workout statistics, and dashboards, the ones that stand out always keep experimenting. The peculiarities of an app that determine its success include new and improved design, user-friendly interface, support for mobile devices, etc.

i) Personalized Onboarding Experience

Any healthcare app development company knows, when it comes to health, each of us is unique – from the foods, we like to the activities we enjoy. When a user installs your app, personalization is a secret way to let them know you offer customization.

Your app is a new way to help people nurture their individual health needs.

ii) Designing For Wearables

People now use several devices to track their health, the most popular being wearables like smartwatches. So designers and developers must make sure their designing and coding skills easily sync apps with other fitness trackers and mobile phones.

For these reasons, it’s imperative that apps designed to track health feature a seamless interface. Without it, customers won’t stick around to use your product very long.

iii) Flow Charts To Keep You On The Clock

Do you know how much physical activity you do each day on average? Are you more active on weekends than during the weekdays? Are there some days where you are more active than others? All of this information is something people want to view at the click of a button. Thanks to the mobile and web application development company!

If your goal is weight loss, you’ll want to focus on your nutrition and how many calories you burn each day. If your goal is muscle growth, you’ll want to focus on weight training and carbohydrates. A modern health and fitness tracking app should predict and give answers to all of that.

iv) Social Sharing Among Your Fellow Fitness Enthusiasts

Many people like to talk about their exercise routines, so when these people use fitness-tracking applications, it helps them express themselves and connect with other fitness enthusiasts. It also serves as a challenge for those feeling too lazy to work out. It is a way to measure how healthy you are and measure results against others in the same age and gender bracket.

Enabling chatting, getting performance reviews, and a doze of motivational words will eventually make users feel as if they are making some real fitness progress and friends. It does boost not only app installs but also inculcates human interactions, which enhances user experience significantly.

v) Interactive Fitness Videos & Tutorials

Videos are everywhere–and there’s no doubt that it’s one of the most potent mediums of communicating and comprehending today. From tutorials to how-to videos to personal stories- videos are often used for brand storytelling.

Online tutorials are educational videos that explain how to do something or teach how to construct something. They are great for learners who prefer visual instructions over text. It is not merely limited to the ed-tech domain; instead can be leveraged by any possible industry out there. Healthcare apps around the globe are an excellent example of this.

vi) Live Streaming With Fitness Coaches

Besides group classes, you can set up a personal session with your coach for an additional fee. During the live stream, you can learn new exercises and adjust your training plan with your coach. If you’re looking at staying in shape for a more extended period, buying a coaching package is the way to go.

You can arrange for a one-on-one session with the coach to learn new exercises, tweak your training plan or get to know each other. You can also hire your coach for an extended period with a subscription plan.

vii) Gamification

Most people don’t enjoy fitness. But video games? Even adults love them! And it’s up to a mobile app development company and web application development company to spike this interest into an app that’s alien to this concept.

So the levels, quests, badges, and earning points are some of the features that make video games exciting, even in a healthcare app and fitness tracking app. If you use these features in a fitness app, it could inspire more people to get active.

When they start training more intensely, users get rewards and share information about training on social media. An effective way of supporting the app’s users is to motivate them to track running and gym activities.

Intense training gives them new challenges and a post to share within their Whatsapp groups and other social media platforms to let praises pour in!

Cost Of Developing An Health & Fitness Tracking App

When you’re building a workout app, it’s helpful to know how much it costs. But the exact cost depends on the architecture of your app and other factors. However, a few significant factors include requirements for a similar app in a competitor’s portfolio, desired tech stack, and of course, your budget.

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A more straightforward healthcare app with basic features might develop in about 600-700 hours of net time. But medium-scale projects will take up to 1400 hours, and highly complex ones will take up to 2000 hours to be fully functional.

In other words, it’s going to take an entire mobile app development company or a web application development company to put together a successful health app by employing all the human efforts and assistance of technical resources.

Category Of ApplicationHealth & Fitness Tracking Application
Total Turnaround Time 600-1400 hours
Development Cost$10,000 to $35,000

Ready To Build An App With Quokka Labs?

It’s a fantastic idea to take fitness routines via a fitness app outside of the gym and put them on people’s phones and wearables. We can help you build an app that does more rather than just track footsteps and calculate calorie intake! Our highly specialized tech experts will help you integrate any possible algorithm to get you the out-of-the-box features you have been waiting to incorporate in your app for a long time.

Our mobile app development company and web application development company have a rock-solid team of technocrats specializing in leveraging superior hardware and seamlessly delivering such interactive healthcare apps.

Wearable technology has proved to be a great way to monitor heart rate and other health indicators, but there is so much more we can do with it! By partnering with us, we will create an easy-to-use application that will allow your end-users to track their fitness goals and progress anywhere they go.