7 Reasons Bitbucket is Better than GitHub

Discover why Bitbucket is the favorite among developers compared to GitHub with our comprehensive guide. Learn about Bitbucket's unique features, including flexible importing options, semantic search capability, reasonable pricing, and a reliable platform. Discover why it's the go-to solution for enterprises and businesses developing proprietary code with its secure platform and SOC 2 Type 2 certification. Whether you're looking for a free service to manage your projects or an efficient solution for team collaboration, Bitbucket has got you covered. Read on to find out more!

Techies love GitHub and Bitbucket for their excellence as source code hosting services, DevOps tools, version control systems, and repository hosting platforms. They are the go-to choices for web application development projects. It is essential for hosting your codes since it affects your work and productivity.

Both platforms have a distinctive niche and perform an excellent job of making it more manageable for developers to create and push code to be accessible to the masses. GitHub and Bitbucket completely nail it when fulfilling seamless artificial intelligence services and front-end development!

However, deciding which one to opt for your dev team can be challenging. Or which one would you keep on a higher pedestal for all your software/app development projects?

It all depends on your requirements and the problems you need a solution to.

GitHub may be the ideal choice if you want to meet almost all the needs of an entire organization and strive for scalability. By the way, GitHub is now FREE for teams with unlimited public or private repositories!! Yay!!

But, if you’re out for a free service to handle all your projects with unlimited private repositories, Bitbucket is your pal!

And remember, you get speed, scalability, and stability with whichever tool you choose!! But why do most developers favor Bitbucket while GitHub stands tall against it?

Let’s find out!

What Special Attributes that Bitbucket holds?

With both GitHub and Bitbucket, devs can access public and private repositories since they operate in very similar functionalities.

With GitHub and Bitbucket, you can use basic commands to automate your tasks, such as:

  • Create and manage repositories
  • Using Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Login purposes
  • Perform pull requests
  • Strengthen team collaboration and efficient process
  • Review codes
  • Use of Markdown support and inline editing
  • Proper and absolute issue tracking

Besides these basic commands, Bitbucket has more efficient advantages over GitHub. It is a version control system or a code versioning repository service to host your codes.


Atlassian created it in 2008, and they still own it. Bitbucket is written in Python and built using the Django web framework.

Additional Bitbucket Features Are:

  • You can directly integrate it with Bamboo, Jira, Jenkins, and Crucible.
  • With Bitbucket, you get the power to import repositories from Codeplex, Git, SVN, and GoogleCode.
  • You also get external authentication support for Twitter, Facebook, Google, and GitHub.
  • A solid integration for Trello
  • A Windows and Mac client using Source tree and an Android app (Bit beaker)

Bitbucket is primarily for enterprises and businesses developing secret and proprietary code. The essential feature the benefit of Bitbucket is – a secure platform for your code with Soc 2 Type 2 certification. (Internal controls report to safeguard clients or user data)

Let’s further understand why Bitbucket is the devs’ favorite and popular among different teams worldwide.

In-depth Attributes of Bitbucket

In the below section, you will find Bitbucket's detailed attributes or features that define the betterness over GitHub.


A more flexible solution is sometimes better because you don’t need to work too rigidly. It can import projects from Git, CodePlex, Google Code, SourceForge, Subversion, and GitHub. In contrast with Git, it makes it easy for users to set up their workflows without feeling restricted or bound by the conventions of a singular cloud-based publishing platform.


Even though it is very similar to the Git platform, it does not have the same number of users, making it a great place to start if you are trying to grow your team.

You can also create private repositories. It’s not known as GitHub. If a significant announcement is made, most of the tech world will hear about it. If you want to create a service that can grow with you, Bitbucket Atlassian is the way to go.

Better Semantic Search Capability

The concept of Semantic Search is not new. Still, the problem it tries to solve is an ancient one – how to make information accessible to a user searching for it.

Semantic Search improves the search experience by providing a semantic understanding of a search query. It returns the results that match the user’s intent in terms of the meaning of the content rather than just the keyword search. It also helps a search engine understand the query’s context and returns more relevant results.

While GitHub has more users and thus more commits, Bitbucket is the original source-code repository concept developer. It contains a one-of-a-kind semantic search feature that allows the same flexibility as a full-text Search, analyzes how people use and combine words, and provides more relevant results.

Reasonable Pricing Structure

Many great options are available today for open-source hosting, but one of the best is Bitbucket. While it may not look as polished as GitHub, it has the functionality to do professional-level work. With this, there are countless private repositories and unlimited collaborators.


It can be so significant for businesses looking to grow an open-source project. It is increasingly rare in the marketplace today, especially with how much money it saves you all; Bitbucket Atlassian doesn’t have a hard limit of users like the Git community, so you can add as many users as you need!

Reliable And Trustworthy

First, Set up Bitbucket because Git got much attention from Google and became the default deployment method for every new project. However, it soon became apparent that GitHub had limitations that limited developers. For example, Git doesn’t handle large files very well. It’s not designed to sync across the web. And it isn’t ideal for significant binary assets.


Getting help with your projects on the platform is much easier than on GitHub. It forces you to read a lot of material and get involved in the community before you can even get the help you need.

Plus, you can quickly get help from a large community without spending much time on the issue. Many developers use the platform, so someone will always assist you.

Offers Wiki Functionality

This program offers wiki functionality for all users. The wiki functionality allows users to create pages and link to other pages within the wiki. Wiki functionality is prominently beneficial when writing documentation.


Smart Integration with Jira

Front-end web and mobile app development are two broad projects for agile teams. Jira is one tool that keeps everything streamlined. Bitbucket is a source code management system that can create projects and features with code inside a repository. You can integrate it with Jira, an issue-tracking tool and project management solution.


A shared code repository allows you to assign tasks for problems in a specific code section to a user. You can also create a “Release” in this platform and a “Release” in Jira, making tracking easier. It has handy tools like Code Review, which allows users to comment on each other’s lines of code. It is also helpful to link up your wiki to Jira. You can always go to their forums for support if you have trouble with the tool.

It is more flexible and intuitive than other project management cum bug tracking and reporting tools.

Bitbucket Steals the Attention for UI/UX

There are a lot of issues with using the Git site. It’s cluttered and busy and often requires you to scroll down to see the button you want to press. The UX on the platform site isn’t always intuitive, either. Sometimes you have to go to the dropdown menu to get where you need to go, which slows down the process and makes it tedious.


It’s more accurate because it is much easier to find what you want, and you don’t have to click multiple times to get to a particular section on the page.

There is also less clutter when working with the platform, so you get work done faster and more efficiently.

Comparison between Bitbucket and GitHub

Analyze the comparison chart to visualize the differences, ultimately assisting in choosing the right platform.

Parameter BitBucket GitHub
Developer Jesper Noehr Chris Wanstrath, Tom Preston-Werner, P. J.Hyett, and Scott Chacon
Supported Version Control System Supports Mercurial and Git Version Control System Supports only Git Version Control System
Public Repository Users can have unlimited free repositories. Almost any number of users can access your public repositories. Unlimited free repositories
Navigation Does not support code navigation feature Supports the code navigation feature
User Interface Organized and straightforward user interface GitHub has cluttered and complicated user interfaces
Wikis Functionalities Add Wikis functionalities to each. All repositories, either public or private, Only add Wiki functionalities to public repositories but fails to add in private
Support and Community Business and enterprise teams frequently use Bitbucket. Therefore, it is mainly used for private repositories by its users GitHub is the most extensive public code host and has a significant open-source community.
Analysis of Project Bitbucket stimulates the project visualization of research with charts GitHub does not propose this element; regardless, users can view the commit history for a specific file
Integration Jira, Bamboo, Crucible, and JenkinsExternal Zendesk, Azure, Cloudbees, Google Cloud, Amazon, Code Climate, and Heroku
Flexibility Bitbucket can import repositories from Git, CodePlex, Google Code, SourceForge, and SVN GitHub imports repositories from Git, SVN, HG, and TFS
Additional Features Bitbucket offers Jira Integration, Two-factor authentication, Issue tracking, bitbucket snippet, etc. Meanwhile, GitHub has Two-factor authentication, Github pages, highlight syntax, etc.
Price It is 10x more inexpensive than Github. However, it offers equivalent functionality It is somewhat more costly to use GitHub when compared to Bitbucket

The Bottom Line

Bitbucket is an enterprise-grade code management tool that creates a CI/CD pipeline to manage Front-end Web Development and Web Development projects by offering features unavailable in the Git environment.It is also completely open-source and has over 16,000 customers around the world.

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Is Bitbucket More Affordable Than Github for Small Businesses?

Yes, Bitbucket is generally more affordable than GitHub for small businesses. While GitHub offers a free plan for unlimited public repositories, it charges for private repositories. In contrast, Bitbucket offers free plans for small teams with up to 5 users and unlimited private repositories. Additionally, Bitbucket's pricing plans are generally lower than GitHub's for larger groups and more users. Therefore, if cost is a factor for your small business, Bitbucket may be the more affordable option for your source code hosting needs.

How Does Bitbucket's Integration with Jira Make It a Better Choice for Project Management?

Bitbucket's integration with Jira provides a seamless workflow for project management, allowing teams to track and manage issues, bugs, and code changes in one place. This integration streamlines collaboration and enhances visibility, making Bitbucket a better choice for project management.

How Does Bitbucket's Access Control and Permissions Management Compare to Github's?

Bitbucket offers more granular control over access and permissions, allowing for easier collaboration and management of repositories. GitHub has a more limited access control system, which can be challenging for larger teams and organizations...


Github vs Bitbucket

Bitbucket vs GitHub

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